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That is. The merger. Of. The blaze and crtv. America is the land of I. America's the land pioneers. The old media environment is toxic. Destructive. And undermining this Republic. It is ideologically driven in dressed up. As freedom of the press. I've talked about it now for a long time. And you see it on your own in Leany help from me. The Jim Acosta's the Jake tapper. The phony news and the New York Times where you can't tell the editorial page from the news page. Same of the Washington Post. They're all like, they all read alike. They all have the same objective to advance the progressive agenda. The progressive agenda is the antithesis to freedom of the press. In. The constitutional republicanism. The purpose of freedom of the press like freedom of speech. Is to have a robust debate. But not about how to destroy America a fundamentally transform it. But how to improve it? Advanced liberty and individualism. And the core principles in the declaration of independence. This is not a merger personalities. It is a merger of pioneers. It is a merger that is necessary. It is a merger that I hope you'll embrace. We're the early pamphleteer of this technology crtv in the blaze. We've come together to create blaze media. We aren't the wealthiest. We aren't the most powerful. We aren't the most famous. But we are part of a new media revolution. And so we wanted a muscle up. Expand our technologies expand our platforms expand our reach. To go. Were you the American people are? Anywhere. You are. And everywhere you are. To bypass the CNN's and the MSNBC's. To bypass the New York Times and the Washington Post. ABC NBC and CBS. There's some fellow conservatives out there are very troubled by this. They haven't even acknowledged what just took place. It's okay. A learn to understand. It's not about personalities. It's about liberty. That's our watchword. Liberty. And I'm very excited about this. Those of you who subscribed to crtv? You'll get the offerings that have been provided on the blaze. Those of you who subscribed to the blaze. You will get the offerings provided by crtv. The combination of the two hundred prizes is well underway. And no. We're not broke. We're not bankrupt. Quite the contrary. We are the biggest. Digital? Media outlet. Social media. But video media and all forms of eating and media. Out there. Of one hundred and sixty five million views or reads a month. Folks. I've hinted about this over the course of a period of time that we just cannot. Run around buying cable companies and newspapers and networks we have to outsmart these people. Even though this was an enormous investment. We have wonderful wonderful people involved. Technical experts. On the TV side. Audio lighting professionals professional directors production staff professional studios. On the internet side. We have the absolute smartest best people imaginable. More than that. We have put together. A group of individuals. Absolutely outstanding in every way. Outstanding in every way, you don't have to like all of them. You don't have to like me. You don't have to like Glen. This isn't about like this isn't about personalities. This is about the Republican saving this country. I hope you'll check it out. This is a big day. In media. And I can assure you it's gotten the attention at.

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