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Radio favorites here on news talk eleven thirty wins sin but i wonder if anyone has the manuel noriega torture play list now there is something to this and he broke he broke like a like a cheap vase there is no such thing as a cheap vases vases isn't that's right anyway manuel broke down his he couldn't stand listening to heavy metal anymore was heavy metal that did a man no he's more of a white sports coat and a pink carnation guy that's for sure maybe the four lads are the letterman that's a manuel noriega soundtrack that would be his playlist but now they kept cramming this heavy metal music they broken down and finally surrendered and obviously the rest is history he has served the rest of his life in prison i do believe that's where he was when he died is there a song are there are some tunes that should you ever become a prisoner holed up in the vatican embassy as a strong man for a country in revolution home are there songs that that would do you win a you know i surrender lease no more paul anka i can hear sees adding my baby another time no nothing from seventy's gold the best of bread my brother used to have a.

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