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A grade one race it really is Some of the cream of the crop as far as phillies and mayor's going long distance on the turf. The distance here is a mile and three eighths. It is part of the breeders. Cup challenge series. So it's a win and you're in event which basically means the winner of this race gets all expenses paid and a guaranteed spot. In this year's breeder's cup filly and mare turf to be run at del mar in just a couple of months. All is number. Three warlike goddess and. I i don't know about you dave. This is a filly who just continues to impress me. Every time she goes to the race track. Well there's no question five wins in six races and it seems like each one is better than the last stretching out mile and a half no problem at all easy easy winds now. This is a three turn turf race at saratoga and weird things sometimes happen these races and for warlike goddess. She's going to need some tempo to set her up. Do you see a pay center or two in this race while the funny thing about her is it. Looks like she needs a quick pace to run at but she really doesn't. She does doesn't show any early speed early on and she catches up to the field almost effortlessly by the time they get to the quarter pole and simply put. She goes about two strides. Well let's put it this way. Her strides are about twice as long. It seems as everyone else's so she gathers momentum she catches up to the field easily and by the time they get to the top of the stretch they just cannot on her that last quarter of a mile or just under a quarter of a mile so while her figs may not be dominant over the field. I think she stands out the other one that i would use. Or maybe planned or if you think that or like us can't lose his number one las yara. I'm not sure how she'll do it. A mile and three eighths But she certainly is a classic phillies. She's been running and nothing but great one grade twos for the last few years and running very well against those top class runners. Mile and three eighths is a big question mark though she's bread to handle it but so far she hasn't tried it at least not that i see i like her and i like her a lot running against great one competition the last three times and hitting the board in each of them. I think i'll tika and summer romance. Who beat her. Last time would be significant favorites in this race. I think she gets a ground saving rail trip in this event. And if you go back and watch the diana on july seventeenth. She did not have a good trip. She steadied and then had nowhere to go down the stretch. I like the concept that world. I gotta say can be further back. Lost ignoring gets the early move on the pace setters and maybe goes by hold on. I also think it's worth discussing american bridge who has not been running in the best races in europe running in italy and france. I don't think she's good enough. That being said there have been three grade one turf races at saratoga this summer and all three have been run one by european runners and she gets one of the top. Riders in iran. Ortiz aboard was certainly helps her chances. So dave number one lesson yara. I'm going to wipe the chalk off my face with number three warlike goddess. But i respect number one loss in the ira this saturday in race. Eleven at saratoga. The grade one. Flower bowl stakes. We're gonna take our first break when we come back. We'll take a look at the jockey club gold cup then head out where the turf meets the surf. Out at old del mar. You're listening to the weekend. Stakes preview presented by naira bets beth.

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