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23, Democrats in fairfax county have nominated Holly sible as their candidate for a special election to fill an open seat in the Virginia House of delegates. Delegate marquin a 6 term Democrat is stepping down for a job in the Biden administration is a former fairfax county school teacher. She'll face voters in a special election scheduled for January. She will be running in district 35, which includes McLean Tyson's done lowering in other parts of fairfax county that have been a democratic account since 2003. The embattled chair of Montgomery county's planning board is defending himself against a new round of accusations, Casey Anderson denies allegations in a leaked email that says he created a toxic workplace, Bethesda magazine reports that Anderson says the comments are false and many specifics are incorrect. Anderson has recently been reprimanded by the Montgomery county council and stripped of four weeks pay after acknowledging that he kept a well stocked liquor cabinet inside his office, according to Maryland matters. On Friday, the planning board ousted its director Gwen Wright, who was due to retire in December. Particularly on a WTO P news. Campaign 2022 on WTO, the November election is now officially less than a month away, and D.C. voters should be receiving their ballots in the mail. More than 500,000 ballots are being mailed out one for every registered voter in the city First and foremost, keep an eye on the mailbox, balance should be showing up literally any day now. Nick Jacobs with the D.C. board of elections says voters are kept in the loop after they send the ballot back in. We have a tracking system so that once a ballot is returned to a Dropbox or goes back into the mail, it will inform the voter that the ballot is in transit that it is being processed and ultimately that it has been tabulated. A number of significant races are on the ballot, including contests for mayor, D.C. council chair, and two at large council seats. Nick Allen Ellie, WTO news. Students caught with booze at Virginia Commonwealth university, that number is down. Way down as it turns out, down 93% over the past 5 years. This, according to the school's annual crime report released last month, one possible reason. Some students switched from drinking alcohol to smoking marijuana, which became legal for Virginia adults over the

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