Austin Hooper, Logan Thomas, Beckham discussed on Fantasy Football Today Podcast


Jamie tight ends well. Ebron should be the first one you look for. You know obviously Coming off a strong gaming baltimore gets a great matchup against dallas and you know based on his availability could be out there in twelve team leagues but tensing leagues as well for the kittle fantasy manager. logan thomas. What he's done prioritize to buy week and you know hopefully see a little bit of an uptick in targets but He's been at least productive with the minimal targets. And then jordan reed third but if you have to roster spots the play within this is more for the kill manager a pickup austin hooper just with the idea of hopefully his return which is what comes stefanski fancy said following their by week and if he is back out there without odell beckham don't judge the browns based on this game in week nine because excuse me week eight because the wind it was just a terrible situation for both of those teams but Clearly there there's an opportunity for hooper because beckham's absence and what he was starting to do prior to the appendix injury. Are we sure to overeating playing..

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