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How old is Longo Longo what an extraordinary run just being able to play for that law. Forty years old forty years old, and he saw has suffered a tank with people were certainly sad. To see him go nineteen seasons. Nineteen seasons. What half of those with the Florida Panthers. Yeah. And the other split between the islanders and Vancouver Canucks. Yep. I was I was making the argument despite the complicated legacy in Vancouver. Pro hockey, all theme doesn't do this where you go in as a member of a team. The players just go in. But if he were to go in as a player, I don't even think he'd go in Florida panther. Even though sound argument for him being the face of this franchise probably goes in as a conduct because those were as best, here's also is worst, I disagree. I think he's going in as a panther choice. Well, if certainly if he had the choice he would go in as a panther because of how it ended in Vancouver where he went there as a conquering national hero. The Canadian going back and hopefully being the final piece of push him to a Stanley Cup. They didn't reach a Stanley Cup finals, although he didn't have much to do with them actually getting there and had plenty to do with them struggling, ultimately, not winning it. Right. I also think the hall of fame had a choice, who would go in as a panther. You think so? Yeah. Canadian bias if you say to me Panthers goalie, I think Beezer, our poll suggests that Longo is the face of the Florida Panthers. He has forty two percent abusers twenty-five. So how's Goldie doing he's up to, oh, he was up to ten but now he's back down to nine single digit. Yeah. The Russian rocket right now also, but it's still early. We have twenty four hours to conduct this poll. So get in their voter leave owed off, and I Steve Goldie gold seen make fake Twitter accounts, vote for Goldie. I'm not going to give up on this. I need Goldie to win something today. Matt, we have about ninety seconds. Go ahead. I don't think you realize how you're killing environment with your plastic shrouds. I don't I actually took a four paper straws today. So my whole thing now is just I'm changing out my paper straws, like basically, every three minutes, paper, straws are killing my drinking experience. You just buy your own reusable straw. Worry about. But I've heard this dude. I'm just going to carry a metal straw with me, everywhere, I go get like, let's think about this. What you're carrying four paper straws. No, I'm carrying four paper straws from, from the coffee shop to the office, like, but he's suggesting that I just walk around with some shrum made of tin everywhere, like like in your sock, like the sharpie that Teo was playing an NFL game with. Wait. Let's be practical here, waistband. Like one of those snap bracelets from the nineties, someone needs to come up with that, or you go whoa, let's do it like one of those, like, what nights tens come in. They sell those for reusable straws. Also, they do they do sell bracelets, draws under rubber, and you undo them. And then it destroy somebody had the before, Mike, Mike was going to parlay that into nineteen dollars ninety nine cents. And I was gonna cut that caller out of it..

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