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Good Morning Welcome to marketing over coffee. I'm John Wall Christopher Ben and I. Don't even know where to start. Where do we start? It's just I. had this whole insane story that I just refuse to go into about my old neighbors who were being allegedly? An ebay security team for a year. Just like this insane strikes. I'll just throw to that because. That's totally crazy. Things are crazy. Crazy Times ten. But you know the thing. I will say about this from a marketing perspective. Where was the Social Media Monitoring Team Right? Where was the the Alex? Team where the the folks at Ebay who you should have seen because it was not. Something that was kept coat totally quiet this. There's there's been content about this. What happened in its complete failure in your marketing analytics governance where nobody's watching, the someone should have gone through the mentions of the brand and stuff. That doesn't look. We normally don't send bloody pig masks to people. And that's the thing that amazes me. There is just like this line where your company becomes so big that you have these. Black OPS teams. It's like a security blacks OPS team within your own company. You know because you're so big. So. Yeah, just totally nuts and yeah I'm crazy, but it speaks to the need that you absolutely should have human review, and you should be having somebody in your Pr. Your comms team somebody looking at the social media mentions looking at more than just like the line graph of you know. How many mentions you got that day? Actually sampling the data looking in there because you should be able to see. That article looks like it could be a problem. One of the Challenges Crisis Comms is that like for regular social media monitoring pr you can rely line chart of number of mentions went up because you're looking at data and the aggregate when you're doing crisis communications, you have to be looking at every single article because you don't know when the next spark is going to become the next bonfire, so somebody's gotta be reviewing stuff that the software would say hey, this for flagging this even just for questionable with what to do with it, and clearly that was not happening. Yeah, yeah, and so probably best practice would be. You got to get all hands. Anybody that can generate content and understands the company is going to have to transition to watching the feeds during that crisis positions that make sense exactly, and and you need a specialist software for that. Because a lot of social media monitoring tools just kind of like big batch stuff. There's no anomaly tracking in real time in most software packages. So it's important that if a crisis is going to be a problem for your brand, or you see it being a problem, you need to have that real time feed. It should look kind of like you know. The Matrix low at all the walls, going by and things, but without it you will get burned. Yeah, there's just so much that you have to dig into like you said. You have no idea what's coming next and when it will flare up. You had Boston dynamics to selling their robot for seventy five grand. You can go ahead and buy yourself one of these things I don't know. What do you think is? Has the time come for robots I mean there's they actually show in one of the marketing bids it doing patient screening, it can do temperature scan hit people's foreheads, and you don't have staff moving through the office, so it seems like a great application but I don't know what's your overall? Take on the robot revolution. It's an incredible piece of machinery now in the terms of service. If you read it on, the ordering page does say you may not. Use Robots to intimidate or harm people or other animals, and your warranty will be void, and we will revoke permission to use the robot. If you do these things so they they do have the remote kill switch if you start doing stuff that. Should be doing with it that said I want to figure out how much it actually can carry. Because that's totally the kind of thing that you would put a saddle ought and just ride around. Well. This is another thing I've said this before on. The show is that I think they consciously went with creating dog size robot. Because there's no reason they couldn't do one. That's five times the size, except for the fact that would scare the daylights out of everybody on Earth to see this larger than a cow thing barreling down at them. As a side Gig you have a horseriding farm. Wouldn't the ROBOT BE? Great is like the trainer to learn how to ride horse because you know it. You're no danger of getting bucked off because the robot literally will not do that. That is a heck of a question. We could just make a horse suit for one of those, and yes, it would totally behavior. We wouldn't. Even you know. The ring could be fixed. The thing would stay within a foot in every direction wouldn't go to the other big win. I was saying that for here's throwing. Hey, this is the time of year where they're getting six or seven hay wagons a month that need to be the he needs to be loaded and thrown up into the upper barnes and yeah, having a robot do that with just make all that go away instantly. Nobody likes to do that work. At the AG. It's not like we have a line of employees wanting to do it either it's it's quite a struggle,

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