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And dismissed it something without a vaccine. Medical experts predict disastrous death rates, Alsobrooks praised county residents for their efforts to control the spread of cove in 19. She urged them to keep wearing masks, wash their hands and practice. Social distancing. Kate Ryan w. T. O P News. Montgomery County's executive, Mark Ell Rudes said yesterday that Montgomery was also staying and face too. For now, he says he'll have some new guidance by tomorrow. The counties that arm moving into Phase three tomorrow include Calvert Charles ST Mary's. And Howard County in Maryland. Some Montgomery County residents say they have been left in the dark with their covert status up in the air. This is coming after a heavily used testing company was ordered to hold operations last month. This is a story you're on Ly hearing on W GOP. The order by the state over alleged deficient practices by Ad Virgin IX left 3500 test samples in the county that were never analyzed. Some residents say they were never told they wouldn't be getting their results. I have not received any communication from Adama Genic and Jacob Perry of Silver Spring ads. I personally did not receive any communication from the counter that I'm aware of the county did send out a press release saying those tested at county Sponsored sites in the first two weeks of August should be retested to confirm their results. But it did not say some patients would never receive results in the first.

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