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So? Fellow I'm Jalisco and I was the executive producer of popstars. My idol puff idol an American idol. And these are my idol memories. Today I'm going to be reminiscing about the first semi final, but I also have a couple of wonderful guests to discuss what they remember about that first season. Now someone who rarely gets mentioned outside of production circles is the floor manager. This is someone who controls everything that happens on the studio floor. They make sure everyone is in the right place at the right time. I happen to think we had the right floor manager. At the right place and at the right time. I think she is the best in the business for a live show, a supreme commander and someone who saved out production on many occasions. Debbie Williams welcome. Introduction Nigel that was fabulous. Well, it's the truth is absolutely true. You're a welcome to this podcast I would like to know because obviously you had never heard of. Pop Idol. Basically knew a lot about it I guess now, so we must have come together I at CBS studios for Berry I M semifinals. Yes, that's that's exactly correct. So, what did you think what the Hell's going on up? Presume well, you know like all of us who've been hired on the show on TV. You know, get Oscars Emmy's Graham as you know all the big, a work shows and including Bruce Scour, who are our director so? We heard of this. Here's how the show was sold to me on the phone. Well. It's GonNa. Be Kind of A. Kariuki they're gonNA. Sing, old songs. Very simple like that and I was like okay. What is this summer series? It's a summer series. You know so. I was like okay fine, so that was the basic concept Jim. Ed and when I got to CBS studios on a Prep Day your Pasadena show I think was on the air or I saw in the office and it was a it was the audition show. Where young man his name is Joel Sanchez. Got Up and kind of told Simon callow. And I was like. Oh my God, what is this show? This is amazing and I remember saying to someone This couldn't be something and they're like an add on no very controversial, the talking back and forth and everything, and we don't know if we like it, so I thought now this kind of intriguing, so there was that, and then we got on the floor to do the show, and we were in the Little Red Room now we were used to all of us were used to be exact. Pick shows and I'm like. What is this and even brisk ours? Our director at the time said not sure what this is well. What you didn't know was that we started the audition tour in small rooms without a piano, just singing Acappella, then to a stage in Pasadena where the piano, then to television studio, still with just a piano, and no audience for the semifinals, then to a much logic studio set with a big noisy audience and full orchestra, and finally to the Kodak Theater in Hollywood for the finale with thirty five hundred screaming fans. This was intended to show the journey to the public that these contestants were on an how the talent had to adapt and grow with each stage of the competition, and you didn't know that there. That you're you know we were just we came in and we were doing the show and I didn't know you very well. You were that Guy Smoking all the time. You were constantly smoking. As were all the Brits the British thing was new to us..

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