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Two is your home well the song is by billy gibbons zz top and it's called on bad i'm nationwide are you nationwide i am i you know i'm kind of an international guy i i travel the world doing my business emma journalist so that takes me all of the world but i do have to volvo around the sun at some point the sun for me entrepreneur magazine's headquarters there's one in new york and there's one in orange county california but a lot of people are like me this digital age that we have allows us to work from home to work remotely but at some point you made me need to consider having a a workplace that you can visit when you're in boston or new yorker los angeles so our guest right now is marcus and marcus last name is doitforme once marcus optima forage we go marcus before forage he is the c o of serve corp and they are turning forty years old these guys have the flexible workspace pretty well nailed down i know there's other ones out there we work they just got some huge multi billion dollar investment regis but serve corp seems to be the four seasons of flexible workspace and marcus thank you for being with us and i just want to talk about this because i mean obviously win we work got that jiang ganic investment everybody went like you know tim allen from home improvement it was like wild there are a lot of people going to be working unit remotely and because a lot of us have a virtual business that you know we can be where we want linley one i'm one of those guys i can do a radio show from anywhere nobody knows where i'm sitting right now and they don't really care they just care that the content is good neighbourly could talk about this whole you know flexible workspace in what the landscape is like right now in the world yeah i mean it it's been very interesting for us because we've been in the business for for forty years and people actually think that it to a new industry and uh and so we we have always been.

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