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Host of the Galaxy. Brains podcast from Polygon Day. Welcome. Thanks for having me Also with us is Geeta Jackson. She's a staff writer at Motherboard from Vice and the co host of Waypoint Radio. Welcome Back to the show. Geeta. Hi. Thanks for having me and with us. Karen Han, a staff writer at Slate, Karen, Welcome. Thank you so much. I'm so excited to get into mortal combat with you guys carry keeping nonviolent. I'm kidding. Okay, so you you wrote a review of the New Mortal Kombat movie First Light. The title is the new Mortal Kombat movie rules. So I feel like I know the answer is there but tell us what you thought of the movie. I mean, I had so much fun with it. I was talking to a few friends and we were wondering, Do we like this movie so much like because movie going during the pandemic has been kind of such a lackluster year. Or is it just because this movie is genuinely fun? I tend to think the answer to that question is the ladder. It just does a good job of delivering exactly what it's supposed to which is A bunch of guys fighting like that is all that a mortal Kombat movie has to do. And it absolutely accomplishes that. Dave. What about you? Oh, boy. Well, I mean, I'm going to disagree slightly. I did enjoy the movie, but it didn't offer the one thing every Mortal Kombat story is supposed to offer. And that is the Mortal Kombat tournament, folks. Not having the tournament is sort of like Star Wars, not having a war in space in it. So were you a Mortal Kombat fan before this? Absolutely. Yes. I mean, I am of a certain age to have been entranced by the video games, The movies, the whole mythology, the universe of it, So, Yeah, I was kind of expecting. I turn on a movie called Normal Combat. There will be a Mortal Kombat tournament. And yet here we are in this non Mortal Kombat tournament world and I'm very perplexed. We got this voice mail from will in North Carolina. I saw the New Mortal Kombat movie and I really liked it. I say This, of course, is a guy who hasn't really played a lot of it. I have very little outside knowledge. So some people here are saying the main character was bad. I thought, you know, this guy doesn't know anything about Mortal Kombat. I don't know anything about what will combat we're on the same level. The fights were awesome. Music was nice, a good blend of like pleasing the fans and having enough there to to have the federal viewing public understand it. Okay, Geeta. I want to hear your take. Do you think this was Ah, good movie, Or was it good for Mortal Kombat movie? Oh, well, I watched it last night, and I have to say not only did I really have a great time with it. It made me really You're in for the experience of seeing a movie in a theater with other people. There's so many moving moments in this movie that are clearly built like you can really tell. I think it really takes seeing it outside of a movie theater, seeing it alone to see how blockbuster action movies are built differently from other films. You can see that the film is paced towards these intense moments of celebration where everyone in the room is gonna have a vocal reaction. There's so many points where me and my partner returned to each other and just be like I wish we could hear everyone cheering. During this moment, but you know not only that, I felt like you know, it's actually the article up on waypoint today by Cameron Councilman that goes into the plot of the Mortal Kombat games and how this movie actually reflects the expansiveness of the law or more accurately, then reach for doing a re tread of the first original 1995 movie that cover the tournament arc. In fact, you know, Cameron says in this article, which I read this morning, and I think it is Very informative that a lot of the recent games don't actually have a term in dark at all. Or the treatment arc is, you know Ortho agonal or parallel to the actually important lower things are happening. This feels like if this movie feels like it, not only is a wonderful action movie that's a lot of fun that I wish I could see with a lot of people in a big room on a hot, sunny day, but like it reflects the reality of what Mortal Kombat has become in the intervening years since release Stephen Tweets. I have been in Mortal Kombat fan since I spent what must have been over $200 mastering Sonya Blade in 92. I really enjoyed the new movie Love the mythology and the way they explain the characters energy powers. It was ridiculous. But then I'm reminded that it is mortal combat After all. What do you expect? We're talking to Dave Shilling, co host of the Galaxy, Brain podcast, Geeta Jackson from vice and Karen Han from Slate. We sat down with Mortal Kombat director and producer Simon McCoy, the head of this show and asked him about the decision to introduce a new main character for the film, And here's what he had to say There were a couple of reasons actually, the firstly model combat over its The last several decades of its existence, have all that new characters all the time. It's become one of the things so 80 odd characters now and There is precedent. Then we felt it was I kind of do that. It was kind of a mortal Kombat thing to do. And then the other reason is we needed a fresh set of eyes inside the movie to take the audiences through it. It may not be That outside with all the information and more common of which there is a lot. So that was the reason for the man reasons actually, and he as he learned the audience land Allowed us to tomo, unlock and open up some of the information that we needed to Dave. What did you think about the introduction of this new main character, Cole Young. Well, I agree with with Simon about the need to have someone who can express the audience that befuddlement any given point in in a film like this. I think that's Kind of a common trope in genre film making, which is every once in a while. Character needs to say what exactly is going on right now? Who is that? Why is that happening? How come my chest is glowing? That kind of stuff s so it is a pivotal screenwriting trope. In a lot of these movies going all the way back to again. Just a reference Star Wars They feel like Mortal Kombat has a lot in common with Star Wars is Star Wars has multiple point of view characters that ask those questions. If it's Luke, If it's Han solo on then, you know in the in the sequel trilogy, having Ray and and fan asking questions all the time like that's important for these mythology, heavy Films do I feel like it was a fantastic addition to the mythology of Mortal Kombat? No, but I understand why it was there. It was a tool with which to tell this story. That is really probably one of the most elaborate mythologies and all of video games. Karen, what about you? I agree, and then I think he's sort of necessary for the movie because there's so much lore like there's that car that comes up right after the initial sequence that explains the premises of Outworld and Earth realm, and what Mortal Kombat the tournament is. But I feel like having to explain too much of that via initial text to be too much, so it's helpful to have cold there to kind of school details out about like the Kanna about the Mortal Kombat symbols that they all have..

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