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Jeff rosen has written the new biography of william howard taft that i hear is good but it's light it's not like a thick thick tome that i think it's quickly paced enough you're not going to get bogged down in it and joanna brier has written a book called i think it's when your child is sick or something like that she's worked in pediatric area with children who have serious diseases cancer and all that and and i think it's a very important book it's you know your child doesn't have to be sick to to to read it makes interesting connections between i think is good parenting advice and things like how do you tell a sibling that they're brother or sister is seriously ill but what you can do to make that that process go better and i've started in on that and i think it's gonna be a great to finish maybe leave war and peace on the table it's been on the table a long time it's one of these i forget what it was but one of the papers published an article the the twenty greatest books that no one has ever actually read so true on the list chief i know you you have a very busy schedule and very tight schedule but i wanted to just say how much each of us appreciate your presence here today and come back to where i started and that is that the leadership that you give judiciary and the dedication that you have to the third branch and its functioning it's it's just an inspiration to it's all well that's very nice of you i always enjoy coming to this conference it's my circuit i usually try to visit one of the others every year but this is mine claimed it on my first day when i got to assigned circuits and it's a wonderful conference i always enjoy our conversation and it always means that the term is over so i'm happy following the tradition of john marshall who is a four circuit circuit justice i was a bit before the time that the fourth circuit judicial conference was established but i have believed that john marshall who enjoyed sipping madera among his colleagues and achieve collegiality there i have a feeling he would approve of everything we do here well don't sell the prior chief short john jay was actually the first circuit justice the circuit in which virginia was it was actually included in the pennsylvania and all then but he was the first circuit justice assigned to this area so it goes back even before john marshall chief thank you so much thank you.

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