Supreme Court, Miguel Cardona, President Joe Biden discussed on Mark Levin


But so far, unions are not budging, his nominee for Education Secretary Miguel Cardona, emphasized following the science Which is still up for interpretation. Through these last 10 months, I've been able to listen to parents, students, educators, and we all want to make sure we can get our students back into school safely. Republican Senator Richard Burr of North Carolina question Cardona about a demand made by the teachers union in Fairfax County, Virginia. That all teachers and students must be vaccinated before reopening schools. We have great examples throughout our country of schools that are able to reopen safely. And do so while following mitigation strategies on Capitol Hill, Mike Emanuel Fox News the Supreme Court has agreed to request from the Biden administration to put off arguments in two cases involving the U. S. Mexico border wall and asylum seekers because President Joe Biden has taken steps to change Trump administration policies that had been challenged in court. The court had been scheduled to hear arguments on February 22nd in a case over President Donald Trump's decision to divert billions of dollars in taxpayer money to construction of portions of the wall along the border with Mexico. The court also put off arguments that were to take place on March 1st over the Trump policy that forced asylum seekers. To wait in Mexico for US court hearings in Texas business Closing numbers on Wall Street The Dow is up 36 points, closing at 7 30,024. NASDAQ Up to S and P up for right now. 68 degrees at DFW Airport from the W B A P News desk. I'm Don Smith. Your next update at 7 30. 24 7 coverage. WB ap dot com.

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