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Oh, thank as a as a nice as a new fan. A little behind the curve. No. You're not waiting on the new fan the curve. That's backed. That's really nice. It's it's I I was hoping made find me. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, you've got three albums and three special. So I'm assuming what I didn't know this is kind of this level of success is kind of been going on for several years. Yeah. But I'm still way under the radar criminally hundred. That's on the one. The criminally. Yeah. Oh, man. But like we said before I've had the respect of my peers for a long time, and that and that while you can't say that at thanksgiving dinner, right? I have the respect to my peers. Nobody cares. I'd like to think that it fills some of the darkness when we go there. Right. Absolutely. Yeah. Absolutely. It matters. Oh, man. It feels terrific. And as you tend to sell out theaters and play around the world as our I'm gonna soom, our friend. Bill Burr does. There's that time on stage that is magical all my God that is transcend too. All the childhood dreams. Everything at all. It's all in those moments. If your present if you find a way to stay present. Yeah. So I wish that oh, thank you so much that joins. That's great wish. Thank you. And now it's time for Kevin's pop quiz between five and fifteen points possible for each of the three questions once a final scores tablet. It'd be posted on our website along with the current standing of the top one hundred are you ready? This is the whole show. I could do this for whole. Yeah. Okay. Okay. We'll see about that. All right question. Number one. Yes. Keith, David or David Keith. David, Keith sooner gentlemen. Correct. Yes. David keith. All right. We'll go with that one. All right. Car question. Number two. Yes, car weather's or the weather in Carlsbad car weather. Also, correct. Yes, question number three, Steve. No. It's a perfect score. Sammy Kaye for the engineer came in just in this portion of the show came in from another studio perfect and as such. On his camera phone with a mill brewers. Yes. Yes. So, you know, he means it his Milwaukee brewer phone this is a baseball fan. Yeah. Yeah. Congratulations. The score alone. But also, thank you. So very much better. This is yeah. No, not or for my needs. Couldn't have gone better. Yeah. From my end, this was so fun. So thank you for all of that. I wanted to going through, you You know. know, since I'm out of shows and out of time. I guess we'll just have to break bread. It's one of those dreams you never would've made. Because it wasn't a when you first started off coming. Yeah. I wanna do podcast interview show with Kevin pollen with him for an hour and a half. Yes. Oh my gosh. How does that have? I don't see how that Lou by possible. All right. Well, thank you, Gary. Thank you. Thank you. My gosh. I'm pinching myself. Please continue to have a tremendously. Good life. Oh, you to won't you. I will. I mean, it's pressure now. Well now. I didn't go further down the I just gotten out of the hospital thing. I assumed that something you talk about something in the great depressed grades suppresses. The odyssey of my my breakdown and recovery. Yeah. Yeah. And I. Unfortunately, bring everything back to me. It's the only way I know how to talk I directed this little documentary called misery loves comedy. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Yeah. So I yeah. Interviewed sixty or so annoyingly famous funny. People with the thesis data be miserable to be funny, and what I found through technically still available and what I found was that you had to have suffered misery, and that's a human experience. Everyone goes through misery at some point to varying degrees. But the artist has to go through it. And then find a way to articulated in an entertaining way to either be universal Seinfeld..

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