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But joining me now all pro offensive lineman Westwood one analyst, my co host all season long on NFL preview, Tony Boselli. Tony, Welcome to the Super Bowl. Scott. I'm so excited. I mean, just everything you said. I echo and we're here. We made it. We got through the cove in the pandemic, and we played every game and we got the playoffs in and now we're gonna play. The big game won't be the same because not all the people are gonna be there. Not as many as usual. But I'm not sure you could get a better matchup. You probably can't and you probably can't take a look at two quarterbacks facing off with one another. There's no way you're gonna get more storylines out of that. There's no way that you're gonna get more drama out of that. You know, the greatest of all time against the guy who might very well be the face of the NFL for the next 20 years. For all we know. We talk about that. And Kurt Warner will join us a little bit later on to talk a little bit about this quarterback matchup. But is there one side of the ball one match up offense versus defense That you think is most important how this game plays out? Absolutely. I mean, obviously you're talking to me. It's gonna be up front. It should be the offensive line on. I think that's really in focus this week. Because you have to back up tackles playing for the canteen in chief, because of injuries and really a backup guard. So three of the starting off its alignment for the Kansas City Chiefs will be backups and you're facing a really good front. And two good pass rushers and J P P and Jack Barrett. Don't forget about Devon White, the linebacker who blitzes all the time for Tampa. I mean, so you have a pressure front defense and get after the quarterback. And a team that wants to throw the ball. And so Patrick Holmes is amazing player and he could do so many things. He's a magician at times back there. But the one thing I've seen in history this game, Scott is if a quarterback's on his back really hard to be effective. Also, Tampa Bay had what turned out to be an effective way of reining in Patrick and the cheese in the second half of that first meeting. He had seven points in the second half after the first quarter explosion. Is that part of a blueprint is that something that Andy Reid has been spending the last two weeks trying to figure out why they both teams have? I think both coaches top bulls understood. He came out aggressive and they got burnt tire. He'll beat him over the top, and he had over 20 yards in that first quarter, so And Thomas made adjustments. He did a great job. If you look at the rest of that game and slowing them down, taking things away, allowed Tampa offense, you're going to get back in the game, so they have things they could learn, and they kind of go back and forth. But Andy Reid, Eric, the enemy, they're seeing the same thing. They understood the adjustments that were made on day how they reacted. What can they do now? So it's gonna be a chess match two weeks to prepare great coaches, great quarterbacks. It could be a great game. Have a lot of ground to cover here on the program, But up next we're going to be joined by Tyron Matthew. You're listening to the Super Bowl edition of NFL.

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