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Hmm. That's why you want to now Gap. Yeah, So I like train. Oh God was his train of freight train rain strap. So anyway, and then at this point we get more than a bowl backstory Exposition in the notes Here. I have that whole Mal Mal thing. Yep being that basically she and called went too deep into the dream lost track of reality game. When they came back up, she still lost track of reality and was convinced to the point where they just had to kill themselves to wake up again, which is a mechanic that's in the dreams here and man. It's a little bit awkward. Typically when you die in a dream you wake up. Yep. And so she was like if we kill ourselves here, we will wake up and go back to our children, which is what we want Dom come on and she would not listen to know we're already awake that's showing the importance of it totems because you lose track of reality. Anyway, basically, she orchestrated a suicide to make it look like damn killed her so that he would join her together. He's not have no choice and they can be together like he promised. Yeah. I had my office somewhere mall is crazy hot. She is serious anyway, so there's and I would like to return to my earlier point of gaslighting off. Yeah, this whole movie is Dawn's fault and just so many ways indeed. So we then move on to the job because Fisher senior Di's the job consists of three levels of Dreams the first level being they staged kidnapping Dom is bringing his you know crazy issues into the dream. There's a freight train in the middle of a city. We learn that young Fisher happened to have training in dream protection that Arthur J G L didn't catch ya show up in any of the research. And by the way, Dom have used this make a weird for me know so that if they died in a dream they just go go to them though and don't wake up ever again so ready and limbo gets explained at this point as being the lowest level of Dreamscape in which time goes exceptionally slow, but you're in a Land of infinite possibilities, so it's kind of rat as hell as well. Yeah, but it's implied that other you never Skateboards is extremely difficult to escape well, and also there is the.

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