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Your hair it out of your skin and better you can have have more you can stay up longer without having to go to bad you can have a better quality of life and if there's no marker foyer there's no path for it but you not you'll know it when you add it it writes what are the benefits of key to an omega 's may think that take your vitamin cry know if the prior informed the vitamin k b k two with the bat form of vitamin k if you go to a doctorate up how you vitamin cave import for bloodclotting but its way more important than bloodclotting vitamin k is like a cow premium magnetic they keep in in the bone vitamin k of main role was actually that to uh uh help abbadi work with calcium you're fokker dealing with osteoporosis or calcification of you think like down of compe kidney stones are or i sometimes people get stoned in their doc vitamin k can help prevent though and then not omega3 fatty acted on biko blay important at there's different kinds make said omega3 it omega thicker than are only sovereigns he also mentioned omega 707 another one yeah it's not an essential fatty acid but it is the very important fatty acid and especially but the two main wonder omega3 than omega ticketed and those are the ones who that are deficient in it really commonly deficient in the american diet the best way to get you're omega3 even omega3 to supplement like our ultimate efa i've been asking you probably know this george i can it can do to 30 years i can tell you that wanted a hallmark fine of omega ii omega3 to fit in cleveland problem again the for folks dealing with eggs the ma or the riotous or even just dry skin epa the body cry for your ultimate yet they that you'll find a criticalhealthnewscom speaking of dry again nobody should ever ever have dry skin yet it that is the most common skin complaint at one of the most common health complaints a law and nobody supposed to have dried again because you are human again had moisture factors who built into and you wanna get up and really funny george check that out.

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