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Closure of the Holland at 11 o'clock tonight. Traffic every 15 minutes. Next report. 10 48 on New Jersey one of 1.5. Jersey, one of 1.5 instant weather. Seasonably cold most of the week here across Jersey. It looks like a pretty quiet weather pattern overall, still not too bitterly cold at all, either for middle late January. Still, as we have through the nighttime hours, we'll see it generally clear sky lows in the mid twenties North. For 20 Central and run around 30 South. Mostly sunny Tuesday highs in the upper thirties north around 40 central load of it. 40 South. Partly sunny Wednesday for Inauguration Day Colder statewide with highs mostly in the thirties. I'm meteorologist Mark Thibodeau 36 degrees in trend 40 degrees East orange 37 degrees taking falls fast Traffic instant weather. Every 15 minutes. Senators you wanna one by five. 1 802 831 a 1.5 Steve travel EAS, You'll me on a Monday night, Justin two days away from the changing of the guide the inauguration. Do you know what January 20th this? No. You don't know a January 20th is no, I don't go into that. Just in the nick Italian When you come back. I won't make you hanging just spends waiting. We're talking about stores that and no longer around as we had two guys. We talked about two guys. We talked about war Words. What words with the long snack bar with those 4 ft. Maybe 34 ft, really small off the ground schools they spun. And you'd sit on.

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