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To tiago by the white raging annul amazon. I think he's gonna get two hundred of this writing. Plans forty seven incredible incredible but he returns from international juicy on the day of the breadth again. So you lose him so k. Routine any athens insulting kapalua ahead. Who comes in for him. So there is. I don't as like chess era. The similarities Many moving basis and lot you assigned branded you. Just keep your fingers crossed plaza gonna come out with a clean bill of health and for those that don't go is this week. For example he solicited a blessing in disguise. Kanza hasn't traveled because it's given him the opportunity to receive treatment. Go out train on his own and as we recording nasty able to try and with the rest of the group of that haven't been wise well signed goes for james. Thank goodness recovering from an interest by ten ninety. Today's feeling good pain-free able to try and with the group. She's fantastic news. When thomas is planning full return of the primarily another crazy schedule another crazy. Run a games. This past sunday we had the atlanta falcons versus the new york jets christian pulisic was in attendance. And it's funny because my rookie year. Two thousand in doesn't seven with the new york giants out. Like i said i was on the practice roster and we went over we played in the first game. Nfl game over in the uk at wembley stadium. That's when i got a chance. Like i said during the time over there because we spent five days over there. I got a chance to go to kabul. And that's when we met some of the players. Believe ashley cole was one of the guys here. Remember the other two guys. Such many moons ago two thousand a long time ago. Whatever but i just remember that experience you know like it. It's cool that those guys got to see a christian pulisic and he got to see that. The american football game taste of america tastes the poem. But i just remember like when i went over there i had. I had just started liking chelsea through my friend playing fever when we went over there for that first. Five days i'm like worthy eli manning posters where the plaques cobres post in wayne rudy soccer all over the place. It was just my first experience in terms of. I got to see him re stadium that stadium. I got to go to kabul. So that's where you're you're learning only about how important the game of soccer is overseas getting the sea. And you're good to go. That's officially was like you know what i've been training facility amish. Chelsea fan now as the game of football grows over there it's great that game of international football or saga is growing over here as well. Well look international spoke. We talk about the ball and the absolutely we were talking about before we started recording. It's one of these things between lionel messi. Christiane out they've pretty much monopolize this thing of the last decade One of them has won it in the last eleven twelve years. It's laugh is phenomenal achievement. But it will be so good to see somebody else about you guys. I would love to seizure win this and it's been an incredible year for him. Win the champions league the european supercup then european championships with its and he story is just incredible as well when you get told him about his journey and leaving the coastal townie you grew up in brazil is a fifteen year old to to chase his dream in a move to switzerland to suffer from home-sickness because he was he still is devoted to his family to call his. Mom's i wanna come home. And she was none. No no you stay you do this. You can achieve this. And what he did in italy for their moving to england and it's just amazing human story but from a football perspective as well as development has been fantastic and he's been so k. To the success of the chelsea achieved in the italy of achieved is john and other overseas very objective when my side is interested in. It's almost rebuts. Genie by signed star deserves to win. It would be such an incredible achieve. Sounds like netflix special. I'm like damn. I'm crying over here. Lease got me feeling bad now. Because because i want i want to see i would love to gino to get it. I think his turnaround particularly with a lotta chelsea. Supporters has been incredible to watch. I think it's been really fun to see him. Grow as a chelsea player and really become central to what chelsea doesn't midfield. But i really really. Oh no me go contact us. That's my guy. I think he deserves recognition record. It would almost be like a lifetime achievement award. Unfortunately because france went out of the euro's unfortunately in the round of sixteen to switzerland it was penalties. But still i think if they would have won that competition. He'd really really be close to securing that because what he does is just absolutely incredible. Doesn't ever honestly from my from my vantage point. No amount of recognition is enough for him. But i would love to see him get a balanced door just to be like all right. He's got one he as you mentioned. He broke one of the few break. that streak. That messing renaldo streak. I would love for. It's a lot of nominees on the women's side to. I think we've got i mean it's got a ridiculous because it's all over the pitch right is defense a midfield and attack got magli ericsson. Jessie fleming who. I went crazy about early in the pa. Pernilla harder sam. Currin fran curry. So i'm from that group. It's gotta be frank kirby from you've just named probably the best five aside team you can have him women's. It's incredible just to give alien. That'd be great right there. We just took a trip back with memory lane with all the championships. All the moments you talking about the story of it's.

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