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Can you get all coming up. Welcome back before the break. We were talking about jennifer lopez and justin. You had some two. you're going to spell. It was just to say like. I'm very observant person and i like to everything going on around me. Even when i'm on zoom and a few weeks ago i interviewed immunize which is j.lo's daughter because she wrote a book called lard helped me and it's his book of prayers and it's so sweden is so beautiful and it was on zoom and she was in her bedroom and we resuming and halfway through the zoom in the i notice little things like she would like sit up all of a sudden and then she would look to the left and then she would pick up the book and say oh by the way. This is the book like she would like turn and she's looking at somebody and i can barely hear the voice of somebody being like up. Don't forget to set up. And i know that her mom was there with her through those moments so to see experience like the icon jennifer lopez as a normal mom. My mom would tell me. Sit up in my seat. If somebody wasn't around tat make sure you smile right. You like those are the moments we forget that this woman is just that she is a woman that imme- is going to cherish forever. I have my book and my mom was so proud. She was there for all my zoos. And things like that one hundred and by the way she could have been a hundred other places at that moment but she wanted to be there for her for her big day. You know what. I mean right here. Very sweet flung the family all right guys onto the duggar showy. One of the biggest questions has finally been answered about these daggers. Why do they get married so young. Well according to jill's husband derek dillard. It's all about sex. We learned this thing to the comments section on gels instagram. When someone asked why they rush into married life. Derek was blood in his response. Because we want to have sex. Jill didn't seem to mind as comet writing and your more popular than me bay said. Jonathan needs to own this moment harder than any other moment. And i'll tell you why he literally said these exact words. We discussed this on nightly pop another good. Show our gives you watch. And he's specifically said.

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