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Hospital is getting hundreds of thousands of dollars as a result rob archer Kay and extend seventy newsradio. thinking whether together every ten minutes on the fives it's four fifty five is loosed our going to start off in the Inland Empire this is in Sam or to do you know the two fifteen the south or the ninety one west from center street in Highgrove grand just coming out of grand terrace in riverside still a lot of slowing there's a sweeper train at the bottom of the ramp to the southbound side of the two fifteen headed towards the the Moreno valley interchange right around Chicago Avenue and everything is moving but is moving very slowly as a matter of fact we just take a look at the video looks like things are starting to clear up for you now let's go to corona westbound side of the ninety one before Green River Road disable car the right lane they're trying to push it off in Downey on the five north of the for paramount Boulevard disable car and it's on that very narrow nonexistent right shoulder Southgate seven ten north and imperial highway disable pickup truck that's on the right shoulder of the on ramp and in Santa Clarita southbound side of the five this is before alliance two cars and a pick up truck tangled up and they were blocking lanes it looks like they everything's been shoved over to the right shoulder the lanes are wide open for you northbound five truck route still closer diverting your trucks on the northbound fourteen to new hall Avenue hanging UP and you're getting it right back to thanks now going into the you still interchange the ten east to the ten east of you know what I mean they're from east LA to headed out of town there to the five or the find the ten west that still appears to be close to ten east or the ten west of the ten west is close it should say a pardon me and then the other three right lanes are now open on the five north from the seven ten to the east LA interchange next reports coming up at five oh five I lose hours for traffic reports more often canisters seventy newsradio right now sixty three degrees in Pasadena hi I'm Jay Farner CEO of quicken loans thirty percent of Americans who are planning home improvement of five.

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