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Shows we discussed Donovan McNab here I forget Mike it with my social media complaints have I ever address the tick tock generation I forget no I haven't you have not okay if you didn't know it was a Saturday I guess okay well well this is what this is my social media complaining today then all the stupid take top videos all these people who want to you know make their merit their cute little tick tocks if you will other little I guess what what is tick tock it it's it's a dance you do like a fifteen second dance the music or somewhere yeah it is because of the fifteen or sixty I wanna maybe could be like fifty eight second I don't know but yeah I mean you do you can job you know music over that's kind of it seems to be the more popular thing to do yeah like say the you want to reenact your favorite scene from movie both like you and your friend use thrown on the background but it seems to be the way that these young people are he's going he's damn youngsters yeah I mean it is a D. D. well you're not on Twitter but architect okay are you on Facebook I have a Facebook and I have a like a fake name in my own home Jody macdonald what was it again I forgot what it was last year get a call might not it's a bird ever reason all man I wish I remember I would expose you right now all of that but yeah I did did these tick talkers are are bother me but well you did the leading into that what what day is today well I mean you're right that we don't technically start off once and for all day but we do start off the national days that that's kind of what your show is known for right that great practice as national national no dirty dishes day now this is interesting because it's counterproductive to keep in the environment well on this website which you know lays out for us it is vises to use disposable plates cups and silverware that way you know he already dishes the claim but this is a horrible idea they have we will keep your feet that again sorry I says are now for second I was looking at tweet I got suckered sorry used disposable plates cups and silverware to avoid having dirty dishes yeah well yeah I I mean I usually do I do I am a big paper plate I try not great for the environment I guess all right no it's not good for the environment he said it twice now yeah yeah yeah but I know it's easier now though because I I it my old apartment I did not have a dishwasher now I've a dishwasher and dishwashers are are key what do you typically eat your bagels off under big bagel guy I will well I I I II I usually eat my I usually buy my bagels now I haven't gone to I haven't been a big you know I haven't gone into and bought my breakfast sandwiches a tiny in the last couple months is because I've been weary that kind of stuff but I'm back to getting like Manhattan bagel on my way home like I'll get a you know a sausage egg and cheese and enjoy that while watching the last dance today so I know you're a big joke yeah I'm not a code I'm not a good guy I am a bagel guy though I like I like breakfast sandwiches breakfast sandwiches are one of my favorite foods to eat so I'll try and do a quick breakfast sandwich or maybe two they all treat myself to to breakfast sandwiches this morning I'm still bitter from when you you ate the bagel that you're gonna give me for my birthday Hey mate you know what Mike I think that bad karma I think you because all started if you if you leave it damp bagel because it was the day before all this hate then maybe we wouldn't be in this position yeah the plan was to give it to you at three ten but I got hungry before that you have right so you ate my birthday bagel and this is this where we're at unfortunately well I mean it was here that or let you eat it and you know you make a bad wish wish me dead like F. E. R. F. E. R. yeah yeah yeah with the wishbone thing I. two one five five nine two nine four nine four Joe Corning tweets at me just an FYI Philly had no success with those red nineteen forties and fifties uniforms when they went back to them in ninety two only championship was a Burgundy from since the seventies to the nineties I mean they've worn them since obviously yeah I mean I'm not looking at this more from a Kelly green perspective from eagles perspective because we don't hear really with those other teams you know nobody's clamoring for the Phillies to go back to the Burgundy's like once a year a couple times a year the you know they have the I guess for we I think it's a like weekday day games the where the powder blues which people enjoy I'm that's fine like a throwback I'm fine with the throwback on but not not a full time Jersey like I'm not gonna deal with a full time Jersey it's just it's just not practical yeah we're in it for like what eight Thursdays is not the same as switching full time right and nobody's like nobody's clamoring for the Sixers to go back to the early two thousand like they're the ones I grew up with more people are than anything I would like a couple throwbacks on that like I bet they do next year because the twenty year okay none the what were your favorites of those I like the blue ones the Wiltern incident where enough though it was far too infrequent right I like a good way Chris you know white Jersey I just like the the how clean it looks yeah yeah that that that's true I generally do like the white the white jerseys as well for for home games but yeah I I just I don't get the obsession with the Kelly green I never have and and never will two one five five nine two nine four nine four if you want to get in and right now before we get back to the phones here we will kick off our once and for all up pregame show is as Monday on the station will be a day that we will venture back travel back in time to the early two thousands late two thousands as well button here but mainly the early two thousands as we are doing once and for all week and I'm choosing the some of the greatest debates in Philadelphia sports on W. I. P. over the last you know I I guess thirty years or whatever on and on Monday is one that I find to be very interesting and I'm excited to hear a lot of the points on and that is it whether Donovan McNab in his time in Philadelphia was underrated or overrated and I know that I am in the minority on this opinion and I I can pretty much guarantee you that the show following us today we'll have a very different opinion on this topic then I but when I look at Donovan McNab and I look at his career in this city not only is Donovan McNab underrated he is criminally underrated criminally this respected for his time here it is the the place that he gave to the Philadelphia Eagles especially in that area from two thousand to two thousand four third best quarterback in football I mean yeah I do yeah Tom Brady yeah I'd Peyton manning they are done with that on their end Donovan was odd clearly I thought those five year for that five year period the best quarterback in the NFC was a guy that never got the respect he deserves woke we and we know I know the way it is in this town we all know waiters in this town we've seen it over the last couple years with Carson Wentz where the quarterback will take the brunt of the criticism whenever anything goes wrong and on when you look at Donovan's career this team was a perennial contender with him at the helm a perennial contender they were in the mix every single season but that he remained healthy that's overstated no it's not how's it overstated they were not in the mix and what two thousand six for example two thousand six they they end up making the playoffs with with with Corsi yeah but they weren't in the mix of win a title do they could be this if they want to said born saints game the end of the championship game we talk about their work or not you can think that we're going to make it a truly here yeah yeah I mean they they were in the play are there in the divisional round on and they were still a series away from potentially winning that game it was a game only three points call Mike I mean you might not have thought they were gonna win a title okay fine we will we'll take that one way I I disagree but you look two thousand or two thousand four two thousand eight all those years that Donovan took them on the playoff runs they had opportunities to win championships Donovan McNab made all the players around him better what is our biggest thing about Carson Wentz that people want him to do he is you know people always call for Carson to make players around him better which he showed he could do leisure Donovan McNab made a career out of making the guys around him better Hey look at what he finally did when you gave him a legitimate weapon in Terrel out he had his best assists visible season and went to a Super Bowl early in the two thousand who is he throwing the ball to James thrash and Todd Pinkston and Fredericks and Chad Lewis travels a fine tight end Donovan made him a Pro Bowl tight end I'm he had a virtual we nothing on that office it was in the M. Donovan and just like Andy Reid was unappreciated and we had any read appreciation day last year Monday I hope everybody on the station Monday for once and for a week on this topic does the right thing five one and make this Donovan McNab appreciation day I hereby proclaim this on this show the overnight show Donovan McNab appreciation day I appreciate Donovan's efforts your right to give credit for you know Steve making for example making some of the eagles better but you're giving credit or a player or a real person it's it's Andy Reid by Mike Knapp eighty read me those guys look better not gonna make any really Chad Lewis a good tight and not not dynamique nav dad doesn't play a part natural place like very small so you okay so you think if the if the Browns drafted Donovan needles ended up a ten count you think they would have the same level success Tim couch work they took the only Smith Cade McNown or any of those guys I would say probably not I would say absolutely no chance absolutely no chance no chance the couple of their uncle pepper they put their pride in the same ballpark your statement is may weigh more or your your statement earlier is way more ridiculous than my statement that Daddy's is is ridiculous statement your statement about the eagles not having a chance to win two thousand six when they were well player to wait for going to championship what do you think their Super Bowl odds were that year let's look it up I don't I don't really care doesn't matter.

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