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What this is the headline on all of the news channels while you were testifying today Moller trump was not exonerated I'm similar what you know is that this can't say smaller exonerated trump because you don't have the power authority to exonerate trump okay that is the most insane follow up to a quick answer to a question I will pass on that we got a guy got you a little book from your college how could you pass on that it's not like do one iced tea or you want a Long Island iced tea I'm gonna pass on that I watched you can either yes or no though your log book is a hundred percent wrong or you're a hundred percent wrong you can't pass I don't even do that will call our ceiling tiles calls this course and the rise of I really want to answer that I'm a pass on that no you wait on the line I'm going to answer your question Lawrence tribe who hates the present more than life itself says this he's a he's an attorney judge all things anti trump he tweets much as I hate to say it this morning's hearing was a disaster far from breathing life into the damning report the tire Robert Muller sucked the life of it the effort to save democracy and the rule of law from this wall this president has been set back not advanced I appreciate that the that's absolutely accurate it was not advanced now how did the other networks handle some of the give and take and I just assume all play a little bit more of Robert mower on his heels which is basically when he's speaking Devin newness content this hearing is political theater it's a hell merry attempt to convince the American people the collusion is real among congressional Democrats the rush investigation was never about finding the truth it's always been a simple media operation by their own accounts this operation continues in this room today it's time for the curtain closed on the rush a hoax the conspiracy theory is dead I wish that was true evidently Jerry Nadler what behind closed doors last night according to politico at Aston to blows he if he could start impeachment hearings today and polos he pushed back so basically in is going to die in the Senate and today hurt a lot I mean for example what is becomes clear the Robert Muller was not a hands on this report makes you wonder well who's in charge well you chief of staff is somebody who represented the I. T. operator for Hillary Clinton and somehow please put the whole thing so wiped it out rather than turn it over and he represented her the perception I think there's a bias there we come back back case will join us I don't come short now and also it makes you wonder who else of the nineteen attorneys might have a bias a lot of them Robert Muller was the cover for a fair and balanced a guy with integrity who many people said was a Republican who served for two presidents one Democrat Republican it turns out he always had no role.

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