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Credit. No I'm not. I DID A job. Yeah I was just Kinda like over it. Do you know when you get over. That loss phase see like now. Look I really can tell this key in. Look Yeah it's tonight. Was it like. Yeah but it wasn't house. This isn't mile. Yeah I mean Bankston. Let me put the cheating things interesting especially considering you'd already cheated on multiple still think it's technically cheating if you're fucking doing anything behind your partner's back that's cheating okay. So maybe I didn't she uh-huh why did she buy? Ocd stuff in front of her. Oh into it a why that is. She didn't lease a club one time and I just sat down and this was trying to change my life. Yeah I said I'm going to stop cheating. I'm really going to drive me be head screwed on this time. I'm sitting diamonds. Kinda breathe because I don. I mean I'm GONNA FI vibe. Some Chilean disco comes to my lap. O- random is how I was. I won't God works in mysterious ways blessings on blessings saying just sit on my lap. She's to whisper in my ear. She's like your poet. I'm a poet to. I'm not well fuck could I mean grace out talking about work? Yeah and Canal offers looking for you for looking for me. My exit time share. She's looking to me in the club and making his goal and she sees me but we start making out by this time but Mahan. Does this go skirt? Oh fuck like my hands down like playing a little bit girlfriend cut like my girlfriend comes to sit next to me.

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