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A painting stolen off the wall of Moscow's. Famed museum of Russian art is been returned. Police say the painting of Crimean mountain ridges by architect. Koigi was stolen right in front of confused. Visitors Sunday at the gallery would this is described a young man who removed the landscape from the wall before they realized they'd see the theft the interior ministry says they detained suspect and recovered the painting, which was hit that a construction site outside Moscow police said the man had been on bail for drug possession since December. The painting is valued at one hundred eighty five thousand dollars, but other works by Koiji fetched more than three billion dollars at auctions. Make it three straight for the AFC. AP's? Cal Cassandra reports. The NFC struggles continue with the Pro Bowl. It was a wet and wild two thousand nineteen NFL Pro Bowl where team AFC defeated team NFC twenty six to seven at Camping World stadium in Orlando fans were treated to performances by Patrick Mahomes. Andrew luck. Russell Wilson Dak Prescott Ezekiel Elliott and saquon Barkley name a few despite the score. It was all fun and games above locker rooms after the game. Now the football world heads to Atlanta for Super Bowl. Fifty three. Kyle Cassandra Orlando. Female filmmakers are submitting to and being accepted into the Sundance film festival in significantly greater numbers than they were a decade ago. According to a new study the Sundance institute and the university of southern California's Annenberg inclusion initiative found twenty eight percent a feature length had episode projects omitted in two twenty seventeen and twenty eighteen were directed by at least one woman and thirty five percent of those were ultimately accepted. The study also found twenty..

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