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Kraft word with men machine if you'd like to hear more stories about the future of work head to cbc dot c a slash work shift that's the home base or are monthlong series looking at the industrial revolution were all living through that's where you'll also be able to subscribe to the work shift newsletter is written by you the very people grappling with a profound change taking place you can find it at cbc dot see a slash work shift this is a big week for milestones in space exploration tuesday was the fortieth anniversary of the launch of voyager one we'll talk more about voyagers mission to our outer solar system in a few minutes but first cassini which as we speak is entering the final days of its expiration of the crown jewel of our solar system saturn the school bus size spacecraft first launch back in 1997 and next week it will perform its final function and plunge into and burn up in saturn's atmosphere throughout his nearly twenty year history one woman has been cassini second set of eyes here on earth her name is dr caroline porco she's the head of casini's imaging team ii spoke with dr porco back in two thousand four when the spacecraft flew by jupiter on its way to saturn i think it's going to be a spectacular decade to come because you mandadory will by the time we arrive at saturn we will have set up the farthest human robotic outpost that we've ever established since then cassini has surpassed everyone's wildest expectations over and over from the majestic views of the planet itself the finding liquid methane leaks on saturn's largest moon titan and even discovery an ocean of water on enceladus.

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