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I'm not calling your doctor. Dr Lee the first three words fucking learn Dr Seuss's, the kind of guy that would get his PHD of divide. And then ask the doctor from then on out. Just beginning from personal experience. Call me Dr. Okay. Dr Louis, thank you that. I want. Did you like that? I called you Dr in the near middle name. Yeah. I did actually like that. It's actually my last name. I'm getting legally changed. So you'll be John Lewis Lewis. Can you make your middle name? John Lewis actually thinking about then it'll be John Lewis, John John Lewis Lewis good idea. I'm actually thinking about changing it to John Lou is Louis. Not funny, the bureau, cool, people would go, hi suit. You did there. Yeah. Though, Beales rock. Okay. Well, I have a correction because a couple of weeks ago, we said the I wasn't very funny and you wanna take that back now. Did I really say that I'm such a jerk really have gory say it, and so many. Listen to your topsy didn't say in. So many words, but you implied it strongly. You know, how you did that I didn't laugh I told a really good joke about Dr Seuss, and there is no laughter. So you wanna take that back and correct it now posthumously, well, so the actual correction is a Barent our claims about rice birds. What did we do wrong? They don't rice does not actually kill burns. All all you misunderstood me. I'm into say rice in kills birds like the poison from breaking bad, you know, because rising I watch that. Oh, breaking bad. There's this poison called rice. And they used it to kill like one of the bag is in like season while they're all bad guys. He had bird the no it wasn't. Onset. You could. I mean, he could have killed it with it. I mean, maybe they left the rice out while they were filming it, and then like all the birds in Albuquerque died potentially. A wedding. I mean, I just assume that was what the tradition was home schooled. I don't know what people do it, weddings. So I just assumed people were like here have some poison kill your enemies. Okay. I would do I would grab a handful of rice in chunk at the Brian go. May this kill all the bad ideas throat at her why the woman while the groom's probably already gone by then he's busy open the door and shit. What do you mean? He's busy doing stuff. You know? He's got important, man. Shit to do you know? Yes. If the guy if the groom came up throw so met him to like, go, you schmuck? Okay. Have a handful Wrightson and all birds would come up and tap on it and die stupid birds. Sorry. You had a correction what we were saying last week. No not last week. I think this is like a couple of weeks ago. We should play landslide right now. It was a long time ago. It really was. But that will to say is if you're feeding your little babies rice have no fear. They can eat it. That's good. But it doesn't fix my rice story. Does it? Well, you were talking about rice in while. I was they tell I was actually real. Yeah. Okay. Moving on. I will say this though, it wouldn't be the first time. It wouldn't be the first time that I made a mistake involving rice, though, would it. Segue. You like that segue. You also made me realize I misled people to saying that they had at correction about right because you definitely did make that race in the microwave. Yeah. Did we tell that story of the podcast? Yeah. Okay. We'll just totally forgot 'cause I thought maybe that's how we got on the whole topic of rice anyway..

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