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Provider i will meet every one of your aunt here somebody didn't excited because stickle sickle because if god is for you somebody to give dot us out appraise in this somebody got us out no because we're martin we step away from the obstacle we step towards it because we know who's on our side and so david just david is now sitting here looking at what everybody else calls an obstacle and he sees an opportunity now why does david see an opportunity it's because when david was in the pasture and nobody was looking god taught him some things behind closed doors what are you saying that's going to teach you some things behind closed doors and he said i'm going to i'm gonna take him out and salsa menu it's just a boy you can't do this any said that's point you say that crazy as crazy y'all ain't doing so so what you don't know about me is when nobody was looking when there was no insta stories when there was no website and when nobody knew who i was a bear kane and i was in the pasture forgotten nobody invited me to the party but the lord taught me how to do some crazy stuff with a sling side and some rocks and then a lion kane and i thought it was gonna take me out but i was just getting prepared this is the first time y'all gone see but this is a rerun for me god has taught me some stuff when body was looking when i was in the pastor he taught me how to take what i had.

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