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Veto, opponents say it harms the transgender community. Phil Pendleton has more on the protests this morning Earlier, there were two rallies one outside from those opposed to the bill. I'm here because trans rights are human rights. I'm here because everybody should have a bathroom that's easy to use. I'm here because we should be able to teach our kids basics about themselves. Supporters of the bill gathered inside the rotunda moments before the veto overrides were to begin. Thursday morning, march 30th, at 1238. I think in whether all the age, good morning to rich hundred and TLP traffic center. Hi good morning, dean right now traveling in Maryland 95 north on issue approach to the exit to the exits to the Baltimore beltway works on blocks left lane and the left exit to the inner loop with the Baltimore bell by X at 49 a right exit to the added loop is open at this time. You do get by without delay. South out on the Baltimore Washington Parkway as you approach the interchange for I one 95, still getting by the work there, single file to write, but beyond that, nothing else in your way headed down toward the Belgian green belt, or even inside the beltway headed into the district and the district, good start so far on I two 95 in D.C. two 95, no issues on south capital street or suitland Parkway, New York avenue, northeast northwest and both directions running well. In northwest to stretch a George avenue remains closed near Howard University between Fairmont street and Harvard street that as a result of a police investigation and emergency utility were closest cue street between foxhole road and 44th street northwest, again, trafficked, redirected there, only local traffic per minute on Q street early this morning, rich hunter W, champion traffic. Freeze warning continues northern and western suburbs until 9 in the morning, and before sunrise will be rather breezy, your lows upper 20s to lower 30s north and west mid to 30s across the rest of the region. Sunny skies and cool later

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