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All how many things normally have two roles oh let's being keeping me up of late mostly actually technical stuff because we've got some very talented lights deliver technical stuff and when you're developing very housing's get broken all right that but there's been but we also applying funding within these british guessing getting night which social impact fund of central and they have a deadline in january we have to get business plans ready and all this stuff and really thoroughly what we are going to do to do this balance between but you know we enough to give us and luckily long is probably spending more time waking up in the middle nights about manufacturing you saw this this is he out in shed plus sixteen sweating about that in the business plan and i am sweating about the firm where i guess general started gm so so probably split the stress so our aim is trying to get in we are getting some trials going now for for this winter and we all trying to get this funding funding that will allow us to grow and so how did the trip titian you wendy wendy yes in well i think mark would be able to to tell you the me but he learned awful lot about the details manufacture i mean we have been living the laws we halter and software people in terms of electric's software we perfectly comfortable everybody comes to mechanics plastic nothing nia nothing is you couldn't tell.

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