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One and now this this is cbs news police say a man who was kicked out of an apartment complex in boise idaho came back the next day with a knife and went on a rampage at a toddlers birthday party he's accused of stabbing nine people including six children all of them are resettled refugees too young friends of the victims witnessed the attack when he saw you saw bad words stabbing our friends boise chief of police belbow and says the crime has deeply affected him the crime scene the faces of the parents struggling tears coming down the faces the faces of the children in the hospital beds we'll be something that all carry with me for the rest of my life the city's mayor dave beater boise's a welcoming city we have been that way for generations whether refugees coming just in the last while or like my grandparents basking migrants from the best country cbs news update i'm wendy gillette davitti bbc news time to thirty two the police say six people including free children were shocked when they were caught in gang crossfire last night only thirty four hundred block of west walnut chicago police deputy chief negoti commented taller six victims were shot in this area we have multiple spent casings that we believe came from one gun at this time but the investigations i don't have a lot of other for you other than this is a starkly game conflict and the senseless gun violence that's hurrying over here another family and his process no word of any arrests having been made in that case at this time there were some power outages last night for chicago area residents after thunder storms move through the area according to commonwealth edison were scattered outages throughout the area including five hundred homes and businesses in olympia fields three hundred fifty.

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