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Sam houston race park nicknamed the full-time successor to chris griffin and he will call the thoroughbred meet and the quarterhorse action so delighted for nick and You'll also get Undoubtedly you'll get his on air heavy capping stylings for Sam houston With you know which they they've thrown the kitchen sink off at horse players with the likes of trae styles and all kinds of good Opinions added to their telecasts. We'll Get knicks thoughts this morning early. Actually and it worked out. He said he'd can. I get on early. I said sure because later in the show. We're actually got a couple of live visitors. Joe harper will be here as will joe bravo joe bravo. I see him. Everywhere i go. I run it to joe bravo. Last night we went to sabika and which was terrific with the hammer and gina and tina. And i and we walk in I i we see bat masterson. The was who was out on the patio. Then you walk through the towards your table than here's bravo and and drayton van dyke and then on the way out also Tom tom reynolds top reynolds was there. And it's a great scene in the village at del. mar So joe harper joe bravo will be by. We'll talk queen's plate twice this morning and i haven't even had a chance to dive into the queen's plate with everybody but a nice field and i- terrific weekend steak saturday sunday to see way and and the -tario colleen and the highlander and just a to terrific terrific days for would minds summer feature and we'll talk to ernie perry. We'll get some binocular action from clocking angle with earning We've got Ron gear cake. to start our three as well. We'll get ron thoughts on the weekend at woodbine. Obviously the other big other big slate for the weekend. What else We got that. And we'll head and james in our to Get hammers opinions. Shape ribbon and j by phone Jay's got some writing to do so he's home we'll talk to him and look forward to seeing jay tomorrow and i think that might be. We might slip in. Might have to slip in. Dave greenwich at some point. If i get a window the situation at saratoga is is sake. I don't know how else to define it Escape just in time. Frankly and we feel bad for everybody that has to go through this relentless storm that include ended up with flooding. The infield lake is expanded and You had claire court. That was flooded Yesterday so kind of a mess and the they got through the card. Fine yesterday and Actually was pleased to get that vegas weekend home as a A terrific race. That horse ran for fausto tiaras and he had a slight the a modest upset because Awesome debate for bruce brown. Congratulations to bruce. That horse charlie baker bread For vanvranken racing an rb racing with lewis is who is just. The sayas is pulling away here from everybody else on the jockey standing side but in the union avenue in the state bread steak yesterday awesome debate basically just attached herself to sadie lady. Who was three to five and ended up off the board but naira you know when it comes to these kinds of races. They actually very frequently. No-show betting So they they they say probably saved the show plungers from from themselves right So we go into the weekend and the alabama tomorrow and the lake. I'm sure they'll do everything in their power to keep the lake placid on the turf tomorrow and we'll see about how much more rain is involved here. But ideally the lake placid stays on the turf tomorrow and The alabama the mile quarter standard. Tomorrow then those steaks. Part of the cross country with the ninth tenth and eleventh year at santa at santa anita at del mar a quick review. Because if i don't do it now the it may slip through the cracks. Remington thoroughbred meet starts today hammer and You actually have got a terrific the mile. An eighth governor's cup which drew terrific field of ten Led by planes men for brad cox but by no means you know any any kind of layover on this group. You've got rated r superstar for bill of franco in here I thought guided missile for boyd. Castor had a bit of a look tenfold for asmussen as well as tap it. Wise broberg with the wonderful hunk of burning love. is eight to one and tried and hit for quite as well six to one so a very kickoff to the remington thoroughbred season and speaking of remington and the region. I did see yesterday Mary ramp alenia reported. Scott wells is going to retire after a incredible career. I look for. He's tough to get on the record. He's tough to put a microphone in front of scott wells but a not just an outstanding career in north america but went down and helped the uruguayans reboot maroney's as well longtime don't know scott wells well but Daytime get someone. I can't be managed numerous race tracks over the years and Anyone can stay in that position that long and and go out with a who. The smile is good. So congratulations and scott you that group at remington. I mean if you look at those people. I haven't in a while those those those guys have faced each other be it oakland remington lonestar all throughout the midwest for for years that group gets together. Solid group Hard knockers and we'll see who's turned his today there but yeah remington gets going anyone that's never been to remington love it. I love rimington. It's kind of like a little canterbury park in a sense indiana grant. They're they're they're very similar. They've got they've got especially the to me..

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