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Hey everybody. Welcome to the PD revenue leadership podcast. Hey, what we do in this podcast is talk about what B. Two B. Sales and marketing leaders, operators experts doing today to really break through and grow their businesses at exponential levels. Let's get it in the interview at the end. Give you an update on my courses and you can check out my website at B. Two, B. Revenue Dot com, and it's Brian G Burns so on linked in. A Steve Welcome to the show was waken started tells a little bit about yourself. Well I live as we're just discussing in Atlanta Georgia been here for forty plus years. Married A to Debra after you boys Zach Joey. Zach's Don Georgia tech jobs the rising at Georgia southern and then selling software for my entire career. Just a few decades. Yeah. That's right. Warmed up. Yeah I'm starting to get the hang of it. And how'd you get the software? I was always big attack it. Actually went to Georgia tech but I failed out which was a great learning experience and then I moved to University of Georgia in Athens where I was a consultant in the MAC lab. Just. EARN EARN money as a business major but worked MAC lab and really enjoyed the technology aspect of of just helping people. WanNa get into the MIS piece of of that that segment of the business world. So that's how it all started. And then how'd you get into sales? Was the first job. This is actually interesting story, Brian Edge, at University of Georgia remember the course spin selling I. think it was Neil Rachman L.. So Georgia actually had an entire course dedicated to spend selling. So for an entire semester, you took spin selling and that was my first exposure. To what I would call professional selling my first exposure to sales in general was from father who was in the trucking business or the Labor leasing business they least truck drivers to other companies they didn't own the trucks. and. Counting by trade, but you always told me since the very youngest I can remember you're always selling Stephen regardless of what you do living. so that was my first exposure to. Live with that in my house, and then my first professional exposure was that was that course at University of Georgia and I didn't really realize it. There were strategies behind that. You know the the entire profession. Young think spin is usually kinda first book a lot of people pick up and questions. I think help people allot visit gets you away from the pitch right I agree and then you kind of flow. Through, a sequence. You know I, I like it a lot I. Well, the interesting thing about that course to is we had roe place to think about this. You know twenty years old exposed a role plays in in front of you know groups of people the rest of the class, and it wasn't a big class because this was junior senior year. So say you know thirty or so people and that's what I was like. This is kind of interesting. And what you into Oracle. So Well, my early in my career I was at startups. I was a small companies selling software, and there was a group of sped say ten or twelve of us we had leader. We had like a sales operations person we got a couple SEC. was kind of what you know I'd call the the whale hunters so they would give me the large accounts to kind of. And we would go to the small companies series as series B. Round funded companies, and this was pre two thousand. So again, I'm dating myself. But we would plug in plug out as a group, every eighteen or so to twenty four months. after doing I, think three or four really good runs and was post two, thousand I was like you like to try my hand at a larger. Company and I talked to Oracle a couple of times. In the Senate, don't have the profile. Startup guys. So So you know wasn't from sap or peoplesoft or Siebel or any of those companies. So they said no actually twice and then a recruiter called. A third time around ironically for the transportation team which had zero experience except for my father being an. Ounce. and. And I just met the right hiring manager to be honest with you. You think about some of the breaks you get. and. this guy was out of Houston and I think he saw value in in being a scrappy startup mindset with the combination of of a big company Oracle and and that's how I started at Oracle. Now is there for ten years and rose up to be a fourth line executive over over that period of time I'll say this comic because I tell that story when people ask is I actually thought that that mixed because it worked for me was a good mix like, okay. Let's look for the startup folks with that kind of scrappy mindset and I found out that I was kind of fifty fifty because the big companies can. Really kind of take a lot of energy out of the start mindset. You know what I mean. So it's it's kind of a an interesting marriage when it works. It is and it's rare to see somebody like yourself have such a great run there. Because I I was on the startup side to, and then got acquired by a portfolio company and you're just overwhelmed and like it wasn't me Riad and he just you can tell, right How'd you make your home there? How did you make it work for you at Oracle Yeah so so it was Kind of talk about break sub. So when I started I started the transportation burglars I mentioned and then quickly after that as a big company, there is a significant reorganization. Came into. Every. Hour. Gave it to another team in my my manager I really didn't like me. and. We're doing to deal with the railroad down in Florida and And you know he's having a tough quarter was one of those things where happen to have a really great quarter in the team did really really well, and I went from being all right who's this kind of outsider to part of the team and then really started to Get involved with the ethos of the company and started you know meet our executives which was critical and then when I ultimately went to salesforce, it was a similar. You know a very, very similar thing. So it was it was just kind of getting ingrained with the culture. The ethos of companies. And what motivated you to move up the ORG versus be elephant Andre. Great Question. I didn't have goals of being in leadership. Like doing well, we saw how much funding we're having. You had to do it. Right and. And so it was like a second or third line executive we were at a customer event of his in Golf Event in in Florida that Oracle sponsored. Like, Hey, have you ever thought getting into leadership? House. Like no, and at the time. And he was like I think you'd be great at it..

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