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Hey, my name is Andrew Warner. The mixer g where I do interviews with entrepreneurs mostly software entrepreneurs about how they built their businesses, and I'm just in deep admiration of internet software mobile companies and entrepreneurs behind them. Potatoes gets a little bit different. Here's a thing a little while ago. Amazon recommended this new type of soap to me. I thought the speaks. This is exactly me. SP soap never speaks to me in the sense that it speaks to other people that lake, how it's gonna, make my hair shine essential oils. I don't care about any of that, but it was big bottle with the pumps. It was convenient that I could use the soap I could use on my hair on my body the whole thing, this is it. I always thought it was just like this whole. I don't know. The beauty industrial complex didn't speak to me. They were trying to sell me too many things. This was so perfect. I've been using this every single day since then I went from using it on my hair only to then having one on my counter to wash my hands. Then when my my three year old at the time ran out of his baby shampoo is who when he. That for, let's just use mine. I started using it on him. Then I use it on my one year old and just worked up, and I thought it was this quirky little thing that I found that I happen to see at whole foods one day and and frankly not the next, but I thought it was my thing. And then my team said, we've got this new interview for you. It's not a tech entrepreneur, what's with this woman who runs a company called e o products. Her name is Susan Griffin, black, and they create a collection of body and hair products made with active botanical 's impure essential oils. My eyes rolled at all that I'll be honest with you, and then they told me the numbers behind the business. I said, oh my goodness. This is the same company that makes that chiampou I use and the numbers of phenomenal who knew how ask him we get around. And so here she is, we've got around right now. This interview is sponsored and we're gonna find out how she built up this company, and I'm going to try to calm down because Susan people tell me that when I admire the entrepreneur too much when I liked the company too much. The interview becomes a little too saccharin and it loses the edge. They like someone try not to have that deep admiration for him. This interview is sponsored by two companies. The first it will help you find your next phenomenal.

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