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Repair the lady dot com. And Martin and never to be a P Weather center. We are going to be Sunday partly cloudy and low to mid nineties for the next three days. 93 today 92 tomorrow 94 on Saturday he stress index going to be right up there near 100 in the shade. Now we will get some wind starting tomorrow South Wind 15 to 20 and maybe a little bit stronger on Saturday. Then we have a cold front coming and we're going to be at least cloudy on Sunday and the cold front is going to be near enough to probably launch some showers and thunderstorms are way it's not going to cool things off that much, but we ought to get a little bit of rain out of it on Sunday, right now at W B a P. 80 degrees I'm filing a major class action lawsuit against Today's you Facebook, Google and Twitter come back. It's actually now another 345 times today. Jordan door literally knocking on doors. This new elections bill when lawmakers return for the special sessions use Taki 20 w B. A P w b a p dot com Even though North Texas known for some sudden, unpredictable weather, we tend to follow this general pattern Spring floods, followed by summer drought. Brad Martin constructed foundation repairs. You know, we had anywhere from 12 16 inches across North Texas in well in April and may rainfall totals and now, of course, we're moving into more of a hot, dry seasoning and that well, it's a lot of give and take and stress on your foundation. And now we're probably going to be hot and dry up through August or maybe September and with our clay soils is just one of those things we have to live with. So that's why you want to have structured foundation repairs in your contact list at 972484 1200. Most of our homes will have foundation movement. If you have a slab foundation.

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