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Think the country is not in a good place with respect to covert right now. On Fox News Sunday. Dr. Tom Ingles B says that we shouldn't just accept hundreds of people dying from the virus. He criticized the lack of a unified message on things like wearing a mask. And you study from the UK finds that even if covered, 19 patients had an increased antibody response when they recovered, those protections could potentially fade in a matter of months. Even those who've tested positive for antibodies should still take precautions. We just don't know what this virus and I think it's important for people to realize. The people who have been infected, then it's still need to take precautions like social distance and and face masks, like everyone else in order to prevent reinfection, infectious disease specialist from the University of Alabama doctor Paul Gifford, And his pressure increases on schools to reopen for the fall. Some are pushing back Last week, President Trump and members of the administration said schools should reopen. The American Academy of Pediatrics, which had previously advocated for schools to reopen, said it really should depend In California, the State Teachers Association and Los Angeles Teachers union say nothing should reopen until safety could be assured. Dan Dominic is the head of the School Superintendents Association. The infection rate is going down. It's been over a two week period. Absolutely. The schools are ready to go. If the infection rate has been going up well, then opening schools in that kind of an environment would be the wrong thing to do, He says. Superintendents are working on the logistics now heavily focused on plans that include distancing not just within classrooms but on transportation. That's Monica's Jessica Rosenthal. Meanwhile, one local mayor says he's going to be pressured by Washington or Tallahassee when it comes to reopening schools. Miami Beach Mayor Dan Gelber says he's not going to follow some mandate the president or the governor that says everything has to be open. Elber says. We're not going to be putting people in danger. Just because someone wants it to look like we're doing fine and struggling Self water restaurant owners are calling on Florida Senators Marco Rubio and Rick Scott to pass the restaurant act. The bipartisan act would inject 12 billion into our local economy to protect for 129,000 jobs. O'Neill Bots, CEO of the Genuine Hospitality group in Miami, says they're barely making ends meet. Only four of their nine restaurants could reopen after the three.

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