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The 3s and now now the fourday wbz accuweather forecast sponsored by the van loan school and they could college what a stretch where enjoying hair with sunshine today warm and breezy south west wind tend to twenty miles per hour gusting occasionally higher high of 75 this afternoon passing clouds overnight low of fifty four upper 40s in the coolest suburbs tomorrow a beautiful and to the week mostly sunny high in the upper 60s to around 70 with a northwest wind eight to sixteen miles per hour the weekends okay an awesome sunshine seventy four on saturday sun and clouds seventy five on sunday in humidity stays in czech i'm wbz tv meteorologist danielle niles wbz newsradio 1030 73 the well you happen to be outside the safta known or tonight you might want to occasionally glance up at the sky because yesterday afternoon some people in parts of massachusetts and connecticut saw a media war media or shower if you will wbz's carl stevens keeping his eyes to the sky this is very rare to happened during the data look you're absolutely right in fact we heard from a guy named galvin who saw this and he said it just went swoosh it was nia and blue neon green turquoise just a big streak and it just went swoosh and you're right you might get lucky i mean i look it out the window right now yep acea clear it's such a clear day it's beautiful day and we are at the height of the orion id meaty or shower and this is all residue from something that for those of us who are around several decades ago when the haley's comet with through this is still dust from one haley's in just the way the earth is in it's a rotation revolution so forth and so on this time of year we expected the meteor shower but we certainly did not expect to see media wars in the day at night it's going to be quite a show how long will this meteor shower well were told that the peak is going to hit about friday night so we've got these next couple of nights and the days have been cleared the nights have been clear it's a good time to see a mediocre looking forward to all right carl stevens thank you britt borders round up thursday october 19th 2017 is now in the.

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