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Montgomery County corridor flashes a bus rapid transit line that begins picking up passengers this Wednesday. This is going to be a way to address a longstanding historic inequity and to serve the residents of White Oak and East County with a really first class transit experience. The balls will run from the park and ride lot in Burtonsville down Route 29 with Silver Spring Metro Station in Montgomery County Councilman Tom Hucker says. In some cases, they will even be using the shoulder. To bypass traffic. The drivers will have little remote control buttons. Well, they'll be able to hold open a green light a little bit longer and get farther along, and so that that will help all the traffic just moved. More more efficiently. Buses will run every 7.5 minutes during rush hour, John Doman w T O P News. Meanwhile, Metro is moving ahead with safety working station closures doing so despite a massive budget shortfall because of the pandemic, Metro general manager Paul Wiedefeld told board members it could not put off safety fixes planned for next Here despite projected low revenue due to a lack of riders on the rails. You just are telling us even if offices were to open your not plan to come back until the vaccine is available because of that decreased revenue, Metro's board told the transit agency to proceed with an F Y 22 budget in the worst case scenario that ridership does not improve, leaving at 400 million lower than its pre pandemic operating budget. Meanwhile, five major closures are slated for next year, Starting with the February station closure of Arlington Cemetery. Closures of West Hyattsville to Green Belt and DuPont Circle to Van Ness in the summer. Meghan Cloherty w T o P News, you might have been stuck in the traffic a serious crash on the B W Parkway after person dead. Another suffering serious injuries happen around four o'clock this morning. Information is still trickling in, though In Montgomery County. Two people died in a single car crash on Ridge Road near morning Star Drive in the Clarksburg area. Montgomery County Police say the Jeep Wrangler left the road before midnight. Driver, 20 year old Dylan Bansi and his passenger 18 year old Maryann Hardisty died from their injuries. It is domestic violence awareness month across the country. One local county wants you to listen up the lot on county domestic abuse in response team, or Dart says that while avoiding public places and working remotely make herb the spread of Corona virus, people who are surviving domestic violence may be in danger by staying at home. Dart says that this is an epidemic within an epidemic. Judy Hanley of the Loudon abused Women Shelter. We have a shelter with 12 beds that has worked for us for 35 years until this year, And now today we have 24 people and shelter If you are suffering from domestic abuse, make a safety plan that includes plans for leaving and telling family and friends about the abuse. Also reach out to local shelters and law enforcement agencies for additional resource is Luc.

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