Abdur Razzaq, Mr Abdul Razzak Ali Arkin, Donald Trump discussed on The Michelle McPhee Show


It comes out because all i saw and i kept reading was don't jump to any conclusions folks don't jump to any conclusions and then they come up with the name abdur razzaq's ali are tan don't jump to any conclusions then hope other the he was a somalian refugee but listen give him the benefit of the doubt will you heal he ran his car into people that we're trying to go to class and then tried to stab some people it was a college place vying i will say this but i will say this in all fairness i believe that mr abdul razzak ali arkin voted for trump did he had some guy so shelves while still somebody beach hotel on blow you know it's funny because all these people stream of trump's evil you going to do this you know all all women are going to get you know run in the streets at all this stuff but you know what i'm feature my five year old daughter of some guy tries to come up for kicking right where it hurts exactly a couple of times show what have to examine exactly and here's the thing they're they're acting like when trump gets in that all men are just gonna become six craze guys who raped people here's the thing we're not uh i don't know animals his islamic center where we're we're not enjoy your i don't know what what what stupid countries took him in that regret it now jordan france anglian netherlands australia germany we're not one of those six big countries now where women are being raped in the streets and beaten for no reason other than you're not dealing with her shot are a law yeah i mean it it's it's ridiculous that these wait till the end right to our demise and or demise we'll be these liberals are going to sit there with their hands over the rising i can't see this you know it's it's absolutely childish and ridiculous i'm getting really tired of it i'm tony southern the people i'm really starting to resent are these privileged college kids that i i'm sorry menem forty five years old i've been through my fair share a crap in my life and no eighteen year old privilege punk whose mommy daddy pay for everything is going to explain the world to me get ever been around long enough to explain the world's me brothers he.

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