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Bucks for me. We just leave this. A very good. He going to a restaurant with Carl, was one of my favorite experiences because you know he liked to graze, he'd order everything on the menu at take two bites and he'd share it with the table next to him that they all thought he was nuts. And then and then the chef would come out who would always heard of him and then they find out he was there they start sending more food. It was just insanity to go out to dinner with Karl Man. It was there was nothing like it it was crazy. Now, the thing is, is he knew so much about food that he was able to sit there and I remember when we're going to a Chinese restaurant New York City and he was sitting there giving me the the nomenclature of the Gooey Duck. I'm like Carl, how you don't even know where you parked your car. You're able to break down for made the gooey. Duck. Just all Kanji, your own history of Khanjian. Yeah, he told me. You know he gave me a great book recommendation that I've read twice now is called what Einstein told his Cook easy familiar with that book. No, it's a really cool book that I think is it Karl probably studied a lot and it's just about the chemical compositions of food why certain food behaves different ways and it really is a very interesting thing. I recommend people call what Einstein told his Cook and there are two volumes. There's a volume one and a volume two. I'm in the middle volume two right now. Great books with Pictures. Drawings but yes, I'm always I'm always good when their pictures. So I've heard Karl's version of how he met you and how how that really changed his life. Can I get your version? I'm texting my assistant to get up. Okay. We've made an impression going get get this. No I. Love that anything has to do with food history and food united. Try to explain that people all the time about you know like you show me something in the world of food and I'll tell you I most likely know how it got there like why do we have sought? Why do we have sausage? Why do we have had? Geez why don't we have triple eight peppers? Why do we have butter? You know why do we have these things? The cheese you know because it all derived from not having refrigeration and having you know a plethora and how we're GONNA. Bokola salted on and on and on. So anytime I hear a book like this. They can give some herald big as a as a great probably I think the Bible of food but. what Karl Tell you because I. This came up yesterday when all the crew was here at the House and you've been here you came yeah I love Your House. Is The coolest your house told me so much about you as a person, not only how how warm and inviting you are because when I was there, you were having a party not just for Carl's friends but for the construction crew that had built your house and their families and I thought that was amazing. But your attention to detail in the house was incredible I WanNa talk about your kitchen. and. A little bit a love your house. But what Karl told me about meeting you is that after you had one food network star, he saw you on the street. He said, he said that you were going to be the future and could he take you to to launch or something like that and and he impressed you over lunch and you ended up giving him a job? Is that close? It's not. It's close it a little more factual than what? Our boys were talking about yesterday So. What had happened is a gun Italian restaurant in Chelsea and had a macho China one of my favorite dishes with the jolly with the peak your with the pork cheat done in a spicy sauce and walk them back and I'm walking back to the hotel and I see this Here's this kids Cuban music going on in this restaurant that was the restaurant called Sodom Kuwata where Carl was. So I go there just kinda peaked my head in there to see what's going on and there's Cuban music play which I love the music and I sit down at the bar. When I think I'm having you know. Fear something and up comes Carl and he's four right in my face. 'cause you remember just how. I. Had One. Guy Won the show you you want you on the show and he knew everything about me I mean he could cause. You know what I mean. He was so mice. Yeah. SMART. You remember the things he wanted to remember. Yeah, and he's like, Yeah Yeah. No, he's hoping and California and Texas Sabi Restaurants. Let. Me Ask you something I said no I. Thank you. Thank you. I was actually a little worried about how seeing this guy was. Just, eat and I'm like, no. Okay. So he comes up and he brings up or not as brings this this this pork shank in this whole thing and I'm like, Dude, I'm not hungry. Okay. And they bring the snapper. You're killing me. And and we it's every time I would come back to town. You know coming down to shoot shows. I would run I'd go see Carl because his the restaurant was maybe a block from the food studios. and. So we gotta gave buddies and then he was having some trouble things are working on at the restaurant that at listen what's coming California I got a new restaurant concept opening watch them do this. So That's how it all came about. But no from day one he was in my face. Yeah. Making sure that but he just such a you know just the neatest that's got some great pictures of us when we were young and that's one of my favorites right there. He was just like it's for a guy who's job it was to make food. You've never met someone who was just so good. You know present company excluded sorry guy but.

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