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Veteran first base battled various ailments already this season will now sit on the shelf for well to heal up mark reynolds a former rocky has been called up from triple a and its corresponding move to play first base and we're guessing he's probably gonna play they're a bunch indians make a newsday bradley zimmer scratched from the indian starting lineup tonight due to a bruised chest now of the rockies and brewers matchup for tonight rockies in good shape nobody on the big lake roster on the active roster that's on the disabled list for the moment brewers different story wade miley as been putting the sixty day disabled list now with an oblique strain he's going to be out indefinitely originally on the ten day disabled list but he's having a good year gonna be out for a while now for the brewers nick franklin their infielders still the ten data sample this quadriceps strain for him stephen volt their catcher is out with a shoulder injury zach davies one of their pitchers is out with a shoulder injury jimmy nelson the same way and their first baseman eric themes on the injured list as well with torn ligaments in his thumb next opponent for the rockies after this weekend will be the padres and their situation they've got some key injuries austin hedges the regular catcher he's out with an elbow strain ten day disabled list for him will myers oblique strain third time myers been on the disabled list this year and hunter renfro there rightfielder with an elbow problem he's on the tended sample list as well so the padres roughed up a little bit we look into division we see a long list of injured players for the dodgers including tony synchrony now just put on near a couple of days ago shoulder injury for him he joins clayton kershaw engine real corey seger logan forsythe justin turner as well the giants soon tough spot as well with johnny cueto almanac williamson out mark lanston joe panic cotter pins madison bumgarner among others for the giants their depleted as well and the giants and the.

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