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Spend on that listen the more crystal clear you are about it the better hiring job you'll do so don't do a thing until you've got that really clear lists including the hours vacation time how it's gonna run overtime at times what you're going to do about overtime. Think of every single angle see of this law scary lists. You're record not for the next guy here. Okay secondly what questions you ask in an interview that gives you the meet the stuff you really wanna hear this one best question the world if you willing to listen. Tell me about yourself and then keep asking question on question. Tell me about yourself. That's how you're going gonna get a read on that person's personality which is key. Does it match your list that you need in the personality and then you want to ask about their experience specifically do this do that. If there's a way you can test the do this do that all the better. But if you can't you want to ask about and see if you believe the answers they're giving you a. How organized are you owe. A morgan is on a scale of one to ten. How organize i seven. Oh that's so organiz. Okay you want to drill down and get real good solid answers to your question and then last after you've finished doing the questioning you want to make sure you're hiring attitude over experience it's great to have experienced can live without experience if you get somebody with a positive attitude. I'm going to use my mike stevens. Who runs all my shark tank businesses as a perfect example cyber leave. You'll remember it in the interview. When i was interviewing mike he was just graduating from college. He was the football coach. No pardon me the football captain in college. Big muscular guy the kind of guy you picked treating seven hamburgers and may be dripping the catchable over his mouth but i needed someone super organized when i asked him how organiz she was. He said very organized. I said how organized she said. Well i was a scholarship kid at columbia university. The captain my football team. I worked twenty hours a week for the university to help support my tuition. And i gotta be plus average. You have to be organized to pull that off too. I believe him you bench. I was impressed. And then the other issue. I had on my list was a lot of men. Don't like to work for strong women. And here's a football macho guy. Who i enough. He likes for women who strong women. And so i asked him. How do you feel about reporting to a woman. I can ask that question and you know what you said. My mother is the most organized powerful person i ever met. I reported her my whole life. I love answering women who knew this. Football hero was gonna come out with that stuff right. So i hired him that day based on attitude and my other important trait can they report to own and you know perfect. Hire his attitude toward him. Everything he didn't know about the job any new nothing. If i had chosen based on experience he was the absolute wrong candidate. But i had my eye on experience a me. I had my eye on attitude over experience. And i had my eye on the key traits that i needed for that specific job because i had taken the time to make the list too. I know what i was hunting for. So that's what i would suggest. I know it's a way a lot of more information in the us for but it is a sure-fire formula behind the right people. It is and that's all. We have time for today if you have a question. Leave me a voicemail in the business unusual hotline eight barbara. That's eight eight eight b. a. r. b. a. r. A you can also tweet it to me at barbara corcoran and i may just answered on a future episode. You've been listening to business unusual with me. Barbara corcoran come back. next week. to hear more steps and missteps. I took on the to success. Search and follow business unusual on iheartradio or subscribe. Wherever you listen to podcasts..

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