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Two nine six nine six the lines are full but if you would like to check in and tell us who would you like to wish a bad day too please do all right let's start with Becky hi Becky Becky I am I as well hope you're having a bad day today yeah you as well that's why I think you you have a well I like that not quite there so I'm driving to work today and my first day of mediation and my divorce right now actually it's amicable and I love them and okay that's good but I'm driving and I'm like pumped about my great Dane also and you say what about their life yeah I thank you okay I would agree I would agree with well I'll take it Becky but I and I and I hope everything goes where well in the media and you get you get everything you want and he gets nothing what I what I hope everything will be great and bill yeah I hope you have a great day thanks back the worst thing you can thank you I love you bye well let's go to Melissa hi Melissa you know I was thinking I'm only saying I would say I was thinking we should have given back yet tote bag because she's going through divorce it's so she can pack up her things yeah I know yeah she has to be you know get everything go anyway I'm sorry go ahead Melissa I want to wish a bad there my old supervisor she was a total jerk and went out of their way to make everybody along aren't you glad you're not there anymore yeah yes I am glad to find a better job Melissa I did what are you doing now five different calls okay okay thanks for checking in with us and thanks for listening to the radio from L. show thank you being on the access so I have been listening since I was like thirteen this kind of tiresome no I mean we've really grown tiresome handle insurgents are new slogan they're still they've gone so tiresome thanks thanks thanks Melissa eight seven seven six oh two nine six nine six is the number to call and check in who would you like to wish a bad day to rob you rob I'm gonna go it myself because every day is another day in paradise summit stand for the mirror this morning dual pistol fingers you have a bad day well we are you're a brave man rob I will not stand in front of the full length mirror ever the only happy you look you look pretty good in that area I don't know it's still kind of foggy from the shower steam but all right okay I'm still gonna with myself a bad day zero all right eight seven seven six so two nine six nine six still haven't given away that bad we we won't we don't expect you to call back and give it to her yeah all set our procedure Emily whichever neighbor park there wrecked car in my usual spot on hasn't moved in Jeez let's see I am only call call pro traffic enforcement they'll come and tell it now M. night Shyamalan what what do you want to have a bad day as Jeff vice texting from the ground bad data my husband's cousin in winter's day the lady right I don't I think you I don't know how I can't can we give her a radio from hell Towe can you list let's do that lady raccoon how do we do that well I've got a number right here okay we're gonna give you a that only the right to know what Nathan did in order no one needs to get a bag a winter's day that's right her husband's cousin is it yeah my husband's cousin sh well you may have full areas all right well we get we get lady reckons number right there and so Katie can call okay and I get the information from lady raccoon and we'll send it to a tree near her okay big delays.

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