Gracie, Governor Bevin, West Louisville Chess Club discussed on Radio From Hell


Gift card to go see our friends at gracie's all right here's boehner candidate number one i have seen the impossible apparently astounded that all black children don't spend their time shooting hoops or exploring new avenues of committing black on black crime the governor of kentucky regurgitated a small amount of previously digested racism this was written by the root dot com when he declared how surprised he was the black kids could play chess what hole we're not smart enough tuesday republican governor matt bevin visited nativity academy at saint boniface louisville kentucky middle school that is eighty six percent black before entering governor bevin recorded a brief introduction for his twitter followers i'm about to go in and meet the members of the west louisville chess club he said not necessarily something you would've thought of when you think of this section of town wall the video montage appropriately set to an appalachian banjo riff showed governor bevin standing next to the black kids and imploring teachers to give them the chance to succeed now bevan you could point out the bevan and the writer this was doesn't give a damn about about black kids creams he supports donald trump he supports the tree tea party he is on record as supporting the repeal of the affordable care act of lowering the minimum wage and having gun toting teachers in schools the.

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