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Foty, President Trump is putting financial pressure on three Central American nations. He blames for what he claims is a crisis on the southern border, in many cases, they put their worst people in the caravan. They're not going to put their best. They get rid of their problems, and they marched up here. And then it coming into the country. We're not letting them in our country. So he's ordered a cut and direct US aid money for El Salvador Honduras. He's also threatening to close the US Mexican border. Democrats say it's the administration that is responsible for the crisis through its failed policies of separating and incarcerating families and focusing too narrowly on a wall instead of comprehensive immigration reform correspondent Kenneth Cragg Columbia, South Carolina, police have found the body of a missing college student, and they have made an arrest in what they call a homicide case, here's correspondent Jim Krasula diversity of South Carolina students. Samantha Joseph said was last seen getting into a car outside a bar close to the campus in Columbia, South Carolina. Police believe she thought it was her Uber ride. Her blood was found in the vehicle at twenty four year old Faneuil Roldan has been charged with murder and kidnapping overseas. Israel has just now reopened its crossings from Gaza. They've been closed for days with new confrontations between Israel and Palestinians along that border. Some of them deadly. Correspondent sect known as one of the things that these really's really would like to see from their side is no rockets being launched from from the Gaza Strip which already took place again last night. But also they wanted to see these demonstrations to be as quiet as restrained as possible in exchange for other things like expanded fishing lanes or fishing zones increased electric fuel for power stations where three rejections by parliament. Britain's government is considering yet another vote on Prime Minister Theresa May's plan to leave. The European Union was supposed to have happened a couple of days ago at this point. There is no clear picture of if when or how that will happen or not Facebook, founder, Mark Zuckerberg out with an op Ed piece for the Washington Post. He is calling for stronger government regulation of the internet. CBS news technology analyst, Larry Magid, somewhat ironic that Vacher Berg who runs the world's largest social network, which has been. Accused of abusive in many areas is now calling for government regulation, but he does outline in key areas that are ripe for and provide somewhat of a road map as to where the government can start killing with issues of privacy election interference harmful content and the ability to move data from one service to another. We can answer you double a hoops, Texas Tech.

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