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He's a moderate democrat, who was pushed for bipartisan background check legislation. He joins us this morning from Charleston. Senator you've tried and failed to get these restrictions or more background checks past. Do we need this? Would it have prevented what happened in Virginia Beach? Well, here's the thing, we couldn't even get the most common sense, legitimate gun owners law abiding gun owners understand. We're not afraid to have background checks, and we're not going to do anything wrong with our guns, but there should be a balance of how you basically prevent people in commercial settings from not getting again, you don't know who they are. And what your background is. We couldn't even get that done Margaret. And I'm just asking my Republican colleagues and friends use some commonsense do things that basically will protect the public and give us some certainty that we're trying to move into commonsense manner, I wanna ask you about a trip. You just took to a number of countries and you saw what was happening in the Arctic, which American scientists say is melting faster twice the rate than the rest of the world. What impact did you see and is the economic benefit of some of this, which the Trump administration argues there is offset this catastrophic effect for the? Climate. Well, the climate change is realized sought firsthand. I've read about before her. Listen, all the scientists the thing of it is, if you go up fragile ecosystem that we have, and then you could geopolitics involved, we met with the parliamentarians of the eight Arctic nations. We listen to each one of them from Russia to Canada, the US and you have I Denmark, seven Sweden Norway, and Iceland, they all absolutely we'll show you not just tell you, they'll show you the changes that are happening the fish migration, the changes that the melting of the ice, we were in Greenland went up to the ice shelf there. And so it's retreated in very short period of time. So we as humans have responsibility to do something, I'm not for women because that's not practical. You're not going to stop the verse of the sovereign countries that world from using the energy of an backyard. But we can't use it much cleaner. I was at the university and Stockholm in Aberdeen. Gene, and saw carbon capture utilization. Not sequester trying to pump it in the ground by using it as byproducts in value in valued assets. It's going to be unbelievable. If we start working in a way that basically sciences proving that we can do it. You also heard though from the Trump administration that national security officials are warning that Russia might have been conducting in that area, low yield nuclear tests. Have you seen any evidence of that? Against. I didn't see that. What I did see and what I know Russia is spending more of their money, more more their effort and money in the Arctic region. They have a tremendous landmass this arti. They're spending more money there than they are an entire social services for Russia. It's unbelievable the commitment. They've made we've seen more activity of aircraft flying in those spaces. We've seen submarine activity from Russia more so than we have during the Cold War. So there's a lot of activity there. They opened up the northwest passage that's a whole nother. That's a game changer. We've got to be on top. United States has got to start getting involved to make sure that we're a leader up there and not a follower because I can tell you what Russia's during what China's doing. China's using their money. Trying to buy their way into the Artie to be a big player. It's unbelievable. And we should be alerted, and we should start acting. Well, I do wanna talk to you. More about that. And because you are one of three Democrats who voted to confirm the attorney general, I want to hear your views on what he said this week,.

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