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Birthday doctors over they want to which the doctor looper Happy Birthday and many many more thanks Bob for **** and happy birthday Franco no downtime for tropical weather on the freeze and with the update now the king of all traffic Chuck would occur just don't light the candles please one member they only have one pumper truck can be so we have to take it easy the late bridal ninety five is still busy after o'donnell street in that back of going into the fort McHenry tunnel the action in the in the median looks like maybe two three vehicles involved just adding to the heavy traffic there eight ninety five a little bit slow of course that's in the construction area the bay bridge construction zone is still busy but durable as you're coming over from route eight across the bridge and eventually over into Annapolis the ride south to Annapolis I ninety seven there's been some activity with a broken down vehicle south bound near the bridge have one seventy eight one little bit slow there the beltway actually is beginning to lighten up just a bit we don't see like problems along six ninety five time jeopardy cover traffic and weather on the threes for talk radio six eighty WCBS five fifty degrees so a little bit so tomorrow rain and snow possible was like during afternoon rush hour should be all that much right no Edgewood thirty eight to Edgemere thirty eight Baltimore of thirty eight degrees on the morning drive with case you know you have once again time for Sean Hannity is morning commentary Wakin up this is the Sean Hannity morning minute you look at this guy stole the money the world is safer today.

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