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Sorry wow you know what mike tony they can talk about not tweaks whatever the case may be you can sit up there you may not have changed anything schematic ly but i saw different rockets teaming game then i saw game one that's why i can't wait for jeff van gundy to get on air waves i saw a different rockets game to wanna game one and ardi like clearly james harden's their best player in terms of scoring but i'm telling you right now with a different team with him not hogging the ball and them sharing the basketball collectively that was a different rockets team but if you don't believe me who better listen to than my colleague here espn and abc former head coach for the houston rockets in new york nixon outstanding head coach by the way now doing great and outstanding job for us right here calling these games want to know the jeff van gundy is on the line with us right now what's up coach how you doing how's everything i'm doing well stephen how are you coach i know you covering cleveland boston but watching i know you seen some of these games these first two games would golden state in houston can you tell me what difference you saw between the rockets and game one and the rockets game to last night i think the idea of judgment stephen is misunderstood by most because it's almost become a quiz shea and i think the biggest adjustment teams make between one game and the next is maybe who you play or how many you play you saw last night they played my boots very very little but the biggest adjustment is in effort intensity physicality and shot making and in all of those areas last night houston was far better than they were in game one i thought they played out dandy outstanding game.

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