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In two thousand nine it revealed information users thought was private without warning these and other actions led to a two thousand eleven consent decree by the federal trade commission to protect users privacy until now the company has taken a defensive posture saying that all users are aware of what they're sharing and with which apps that users are in essence granting informed consent but most users never bothered to go into the privacy settings and adjust the levels of visibility on the information they generate accessing information about users tastes and preferences is core to facebook's business in a nutshell here is how the company makes money when we like for love or share a video or an article or a brand on facebook generating information that's still in a profile facebook helps advertisers reach very specific audiences based on those tastes and preferences while facebook users may go online to share information with their family and friends the data they generate an intern the advertisers who target based on that data is what helps the company earned forty billion dollars in revenue just last year and has the company valued at nearly half a trillion dollars for the pbs newshour i'm hari sreenivasan in new york joining me now to discuss these latest facebook scandals is up to she's an associate professor at the university of north carolina chapel hill and she studies the way we interact with technology professor welcome to the news hour you know mark zuckerberg is here on capitol hill he's been meeting with senators he's going to testify tomorrow is there anything that he could say that would convince you who've been a very strong critic of the company that that facebook gets this problem and they're going to solve it well the problem we're facing isn't whether or not facebook gets this problem or what its intentions are even the problem is the way they've set up their business in the way they're used to and allowed to harvest our data and use it for targeting pits incentives against incentives of its two billion users at times definitely creates distortions in the public sphere has all these harms for politics so rather than mark zuckerberg telling us something the thing i really wish to see is our legislators and lawmakers stepping up and doing their job and bringing some oversight.

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