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They have everything you need for any coffin flu needs this season. Get cold and flu relief from products like vicks NyQuil or dayquil. Tylenol cold and flu, alka seltzer, mucinex, and Bigelow T's. When you're feeling under the weather, Safeway has everything you need to get feeling better fast. Find everything you need at your local Safeway and feel better fast. All right, let's talk about that NFL playoffs here for a little bit. I had said last week, I just want to, you know, I always like to give myself credit when I'm right and then not mention it when I'm wrong. I had said last week I liked the three underdogs and the niners and only the Giants screwed that up for me. So three and one was a nice weekend. It was a bloodbath for me on Sunday. I like both the bills and cowboys. It was ugly. The bills game is still to me a complete mystery. hit the over with the bills for the year, by the way? Yeah. You must have, right? Yeah. The bills gave on something was a mystery because if you're the Buffalo Bills, how are you just scoring ten points? People making it like the snow. And how about the fact that the bangles offensive line? See, that line to me made no sense. That's why it was all over the bills because it just did not add up. If it were four, if it were three, maybe I'd feel differently, but the fact that there was a public push to where that line went to 6 plus points and you heard about the offensive line, anything bought, that was one of the greatest offensive line performances I've ever seen, borrowed and get taught she was carving them up all day long. They couldn't stop them. And then you had the cowboys? Yeah, I like the cowboys. And then once dac throws that first horrible pick and it should have been worse, you just knew. And even ma her missing the frig extra point. I know it didn't end up costing them, but it just said a bad tone. Yeah, we're at Paul getting hurt. They couldn't stop him in the end. They just ran the ball down their throat. They scored the difference making touchdown. And then that was that. But the bills won't bothered me because I thought that the real bills would show up. Not that I was like everybody else picking them the one the Super Bowl, but I was you know what I came away from that game saying the bangles were by far the better team. Like by far, not even close. Yeah. The Bengals and chiefs think to me is so weird because I feel like it keeps shifting. People don't talk enough about the chiefs and borough wasn't getting enough credit. He keeps going back and forth. I do think it's interesting. The line opened with the chiefs minus one or minus one and a half. It went to Bengals minus one. Then it went to Bengals minus two. And then today on Wednesday, all the reports were that mahomes practice he seems fine. Now the line's down to Bengals minus one. This is a big theme with you with the respect. I do think it's a little disrespectful that the chiefs are underdogs at home winning 13 games and being in the title games in super bowls every year. I feel like everybody, myself included after watching the bangles just dominate buffalo, said at that moment, this team is winning the Super Bowl. Now, that may be the case, but everybody's feeling that way. That means I would probably lean the other way and you're right. It's fuel point now. How the hell is Kansas City? You could say it's a pickup. You want to give me Kansas City minus one. You can not have the bangles as a favorite on the road in the championship game against Kansas City. Well, that's the thing. I think it's the mahomes ankle is really what it's all about. To me, I look at it like I'd be curious for you to take on this. Like to me, that game is going to start Sunday and the average Joe schmo sports fan like me and you sitting at home watching that game on TV. We're not going to really know what his ankles like. We don't know what you mean. The pain can he plant his foot. Throw straying. But did he get worse? I mean, because we did see him perform, it was a little limited, but he was still basically Patrick Mahomes. I didn't think he was in that second. If you watch, if you watch, he throws a touchdown pass and it falls to the ground because he's in pain. And he had a very long time planning. Well, he was definitely in pain. I remember he couldn't drop back three steps or whatever to hand it off. And the palming of it was messed up. He was hopping around. He was definitely hampered, but he was still effective. Let's put it that way. Oh yeah, yeah. He can be effective. Home 50% is almost a 100% better than everybody else. Right, my point is he can be effective. I don't think he's gonna be I'm gonna be a 100%. I mean, this may shock you, I'm not a doctor, but I can't see how you hurt your ankle that badly, and then a week later, you're a 100%. I mean, that's my point. When that game starts, is he 90%? Is he 70%? That 50%. We're not going to know that. I mean, we'll know it once the game starts, but going into it. In my mind, as of now, I have been let that factor in how I view that game, because if I'm thinking that he's at all limited, then I think that's why people are going to be on the bangles, thinking that mahomes, mahomes effect. So we're taping this on Wednesday night. As of now, Bengals minus one total 47 and a half. What do you like? God. You could say nothing. You don't have to be an animal. If you don't like the line, you say you don't like a line. I don't do the over unders. Honestly, these games this week, a, I haven't given it too much thought yet on Wednesday. B, I'm still shell shocked from the bath. I took on Sunday. I'm going to do something because I want to have action on these games. I just don't know what yet. And I think I want to root for Cincinnati the win at all. My gut would be saying Cincinnati, if not for now, the overwhelming flip in the public. So push comes to shove I'll probably end up with Cincinnati, but maybe I'll take them as a future to win the Super Bowl as opposed to just in this game. Yeah, I hate the game from the standpoint of I love both mahomes and borrow. I don't want to, you know, I want to see both of them. So I'm touring from that standpoint. Do you have a magic that you want to see? Super Bowl matchup? Do you like weed versus the eagles? I think that's cool. I'm not sure if you get the little history. The Bengals deserve a title. I'd like to see my homes win

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